G-Police CDA Game Rip

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Album name: G-Police CDA Game Rip
Number of Files: 10
Total Filesize: 26.15 MB
Date added: Nov 21st, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01.mp3 Download 1.40 MB
02.mp3 Download 698 KB
03.mp3 Download 938 KB
04.mp3 Download 3.07 MB
05.mp3 Download 3.28 MB
06.mp3 Download 3.22 MB
07.mp3 Download 3.48 MB
08.mp3 Download 3.15 MB
09.mp3 Download 3.15 MB
10.mp3 Download 3.76 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

There is something wrong with G-Police soundtracks... there are all the files, less one... I say it because I listened all the time a song that was very melancholic, and it started every time you are flying arround alone inside the city.

And... what happened with G-Police 2's OST?

Submitted by jasonmanning2
Rating: 9/10

yeah right, too bad that one is missing cuz it was a really good one. otherwise it's all the other stuff is downright excellent.

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