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Fast Five the Movie: Official Game


Fast & Furious 5 The Movie Official Game (Gamerip Soundtrack)

Platforms: Android, iOS, MacOS, Mobile
Year: 2011
Catalog Number: N/A
Developed by: Gameloft Srl
Published by: Gameloft S.A.

Number of Files: 13
Total Filesize: 41 MB (MP3), 161 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Mar 23rd, 2023   | Change Log ▼ 2023-03-23: Update: 1.Added 3 New Songs; 2.Added Metadata; 3.New Album Cover

Album type: Gamerip
Uploaded by: AlexDragan2165

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC    
1. Main Menu 2:26 3.71 MB 14.67 MB get_app
2. Underground Market 2:28 3.76 MB 11.78 MB get_app
3. Story Cutscene 0:57 1.68 MB 6.64 MB get_app
4. Before The Race Starts 0:21 0.62 MB 3.76 MB get_app
5. Rio De Janeiro 2:30 4.16 MB 15.40 MB get_app
6. The Desert 2:53 4.45 MB 18.38 MB get_app
7. Favelas 2:44 4.20 MB 16.50 MB get_app
8. St. Domingo 2:31 3.86 MB 15.90 MB get_app
9. Hong Kong 2:40 4.52 MB 15.21 MB get_app
10. Rio De Janeiro Night 2:16 3.58 MB 14.63 MB get_app
11. Auto Plant 3:00 4.58 MB 19.12 MB get_app
12. Race Won 0:30 0.91 MB 4.84 MB get_app
13. Race Lost 0:22 0.67 MB 3.82 MB get_app


Fast Five the Movie: Official Game is a racing game based on the fifth entry in the Fast & Furious movie franchise. This is the 3D smartphone version of the game which was released alongside a 2D version for feature phones. The game plays similar to previous Fast & Furious mobile games as well as Gameloft's own Asphalt series. Tilt controls and a third-person view is used by default but it can be changed to a front view and touch-based controls. Acceleration is automatic and it's possible to use nitro boosts to gain extra speed. There is also a rewind feature that allows the player to go back in time to avoid crashes. Set-pieces that create road hazards occasionally happen during races.

The game's main mode is the career mode which follows the story of the movie. It consists of ten chapters each containing a new track as well as several events. Each chapter starts with a story race and once completed additional race events are made available. There are a few different race modes: normal races and time attacks, eliminations where the player has to ram opponents off the road, drag races that are all about shifting and drift races where the player has to drift as much as possible. To advance to the next chapter fame points have to be earned by performing well in the events.

There is also a multiplayer mode that allows for races with up to ten players. It can be played online as well as over wi-fi or bluetooth.

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