Death Note - the WORLD

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Album name: Death Note - the WORLD
Number of Files: 3
Total Filesize: 20.52 MB
Date added: May 20th, 2007

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Song Name Download Size
01 - the WORLD.mp3 Download 8.92 MB
02 - Alumina.mp3 Download 11.59 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Im A huge fan of death note and i own every album and dvd I even Have A death note that was given to me by the makers of the death Note series...
But I love the song The World Its my favorite song.

Submitted by liannicute
Rating: 9/10

really awesome music! I love when the opening and ending are done by the same artist!

The songs are very catchy in tune, only things missing are instrumental versions of the songs.

This albulm is a must have for any fan of the anime or just somebody who like Japanese music in general! The Music is just that good!

Submitted by nosignal
Rating: 5/10

Im kinda new to this thing but i was trying to get some music and my friend reffered it to me and deathnote is awsome ^^ great anime i loved the songs for both seasons OP

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

For God sake i am addicted to death note.The Dark Feeling. it makes you fell like that you are willing to sacrifice anything for your sole purpose of feeling.A HUGE FAN.I am always drawing sketches of light and L.But sad both of them dies when they died i was like cursing every anime.

Submitted by fragmentedNaito
Rating: 5/10

OMG! Nightmare(Naito mea) is one of the best JRock (Visual kei) bands out there. Had I known this site had some of their music I would have gotten into them sooner!

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