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Ballz 3D - Fighting at its Ballziest

Ballz 3D: The Battle of the Ballz

Platforms: SNES
Year: 1994
Developed by: PF Magic
Published by: Accolade

Number of Files: 9
Total Filesize: 57 MB (MP3), 122 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Aug 29th, 2019
Album type: Gamerip

Download all songs at once: click to download (FLAC+MP3)
  # Song Name MP3 FLAC    
1. Title Theme 2:08 3.53 MB 7.35 MB get_app
2. Fight Music 1 3:40 6.00 MB 14.52 MB get_app
3. Fight Music 2 4:02 6.32 MB 12.60 MB get_app
4. Fight Music 3 3:01 5.00 MB 10.80 MB get_app
5. Fight Music 4 3:58 6.41 MB 12.88 MB get_app
6. Fight Music 5 4:02 6.55 MB 13.03 MB get_app
7. Fight Music 6 4:17 7.01 MB 17.05 MB get_app
8. Fight Music 7 5:44 9.65 MB 19.83 MB get_app
9. Fight Music 8 4:13 6.85 MB 13.63 MB get_app

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10:21 May 27th, 2023Offline

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This album is kinda sus

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03:18 Feb 19th, 2022Offline

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Can i put ma Ballz in yo jaws?
(Yo jaws)
Ballz in yo jaws
Can i?(x4)
Can i put ma Ballz in yo jaws?
(Yo jaws)
Ballz in yo jaws
Can i?(x4)

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01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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This is one of the greatest pieces of video game music I have ever heard. Multiply that statement by 9 and you get 'Ballz 3D'. The soundtrack is has many layers and complexities that cannot be understood when the team only had 8 sound channels. Everything from the sample filled title theme of pure complexity and genius that composers like Hideki Naganuma of tge JSR titles and first Sonic Rush game can only dream of. The first fight music seems to be asking if this is the first step we must take, or if we should fight at all. The second theme has more groove and focus. It seems that it knows you chose the path you did, and allows you to continue. The third theme reverts back to the first in its tone. Echoes and a hypnotic baseline fills you with "this might be a mistake, a risk, even, but I must take it to see the end of Ballz 3D". The fourth theme includes some very impressive guitar sounds and return of some kind of vocal samples again. It still keeps a fighting spirit in check though, and knows that yiu are prepared for the next ball man that you must fight next. The fifth theme has a really cool percussion beat that slowly brings on a more in depth bass. Then it goes off the rails with a shrilling that represents you are losing, or your opponent is. It keeps on going from triumphant to nerve racking, and keeps getting more complex although the tunes it presents are really simple. The sixth theme sounds like the fifth, but it soon comes in with glittering sounds, representing the riches you will earn once you kill the other fighters, but the bass keeps your ego low because there will always be an opposing force. This shows itself during one of the most impressive moments in a snes ost and gains volume as it gets more frantic. Simple, yet complex is what this soundtrack is striving to be, and working so well to do. The seventh theme is the longest, but it doesn't waste any kind of time mearsurement setting in the previous themes presented in the soundtrack, and incorparates everything perfectly, creating a passionate theme that ranks at the top alongside every other theme present. The final battle theme is exactly as climactic as you can imagine with what Ballz 3D is creating. We are not going back to the days of the second fight theme, we are there and nothing will stop us from progressing, not as good as the title theme, but it somehow surpases it. This is the greatest video game soundtrack of all time, but only time will tell when that will continue to remain intact. Thank you Ballz 3D.