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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Platforms: DS, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

Number of Files: 32
Total Filesize: 191 MB
Date Added: Oct 23rd, 2018
Album type: Gamerip

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  Song Name MP3  
B B Baku 2:29 5.69 MB get_app
B B Con 2:27 5.62 MB get_app
B Bb End 0:58 2.20 MB get_app
B Bb Lae 0:52 1.98 MB get_app
B Bb Las 1:38 3.73 MB get_app
B Bn Ea 3:52 8.86 MB get_app
B Bn Fi 4:21 9.98 MB get_app
B Bn Hi 4:07 9.43 MB get_app
B Bn La 4:19 9.89 MB get_app
B Bn St 4:14 9.67 MB get_app
B Bn To 4:11 9.59 MB get_app
B Bn Toy 4:05 9.35 MB get_app
B Bn Ut 4:46 10.91 MB get_app
B Bn Wa 4:35 10.49 MB get_app
B Bn Wi 4:14 9.67 MB get_app
B Bn Ya 4:03 9.25 MB get_app
B Menu 6:05 13.94 MB get_app
B Menu I 0:45 1.73 MB get_app
B Myroom 3:29 7.99 MB get_app
B Powbtl 0:11 0.42 MB get_app
B Result 2:03 4.69 MB get_app
B S End 3:10 7.26 MB get_app
B S Map 3:18 7.54 MB get_app
B S Park 2:42 6.18 MB get_app
B S Shop 1:46 4.03 MB get_app
B Title 1:39 3.76 MB get_app
B Tuto 2:52 6.55 MB get_app
J B Ent 0:05 0.17 MB get_app
J L Sub 0:06 0.21 MB get_app
J Lose 0:05 0.18 MB get_app
J W Sub 0:03 0.13 MB get_app
J Win 0:06 0.25 MB get_app

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02:22 Jun 21st, 2020Offline

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I have the game and a hacked PS3, I could rip the tracks, but I have absolutely no experience with looping.


06:09 Jun 9th, 2020Offline

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The music doesn't loop properly. Will this be fixed?

Only some of the tracks don't loop properly, I've noticed as well. It's the highest quality rip of the soundtrack I could find, and it kinda bums me out that it isn't properly looping. You could go look on Zophar's Domain but that one has the same issue. I think they might be the same.

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01:15 Jun 8th, 2020Offline

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The music doesn't loop properly. Will this be fixed?