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1943: The Battle of Midway


1943: The Battle of Valhalla

Platforms: Family Computer, NES
Year: 1988
Developed by: Capcom
Published by: Capcom

Number of Files: 16
Total Filesize: 16 MB (MP3), 42 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Jun 28th, 2023
Album type: Gamerip
Uploaded by: riheko3606

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC    
1. Title 0:19 0.37 MB 0.92 MB get_app
2. Power Up Your P-38 0:36 0.69 MB 1.44 MB get_app
3. Mission Start 0:07 0.16 MB 0.28 MB get_app
4. Air Battle A 1:35 1.92 MB 5.14 MB get_app
5. Antiship Battle A 1:39 1.96 MB 5.17 MB get_app
6. Mission Completed I 0:06 0.13 MB 0.37 MB get_app
7. Failed in the Attack 0:06 0.13 MB 0.37 MB get_app
8. Air Battle C 1:30 1.78 MB 4.67 MB get_app
9. Antiship Battle C 1:52 2.11 MB 5.99 MB get_app
10. Air Battle D 1:47 2.23 MB 5.34 MB get_app
11. Daihiryu 0:42 0.90 MB 1.99 MB get_app
12. Ayako 1:04 1.29 MB 3.35 MB get_app
13. Attack Target 0:52 1.13 MB 2.58 MB get_app
14. Ending 0:48 0.84 MB 2.46 MB get_app
15. Energy Empty 0:36 0.58 MB 1.37 MB get_app
16. Game Over 0:06 0.12 MB 0.33 MB get_app

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11:46 Jul 16th, 2023Offline

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1943: The Battle Of Midway has a great soundtrack! It's very catchy and it's miles better then 1942. The only song I hate is the song that plays when you're low on health because it's annoying and horrifying to hear when you're close to beating a stage. Aside from that song, the rest of the soundtrack is good stuff. As for the game itself, it's also way better then 1942. For starters, the weapons you get are way more exciting then 1942. The ones I use the most are the three way shoot that let's you shoot four projectiles at a quick rate, the shell that fires projectiles very quickly that pack a punch, and the shotgun which is weak, but they can destroy enemy projectiles, so that's nice. Like 1942, you also get two mini air crafts that double your fire power, but in my first (and currently only playthrough of the game) I never got them once in the whole game. Maybe on my next playthrough, I'll find out how to get them. Anyway, another improvement in 1943 is the enemies and bosses. The enemies are way more interesting here because there's more then two of them and they're also a pain to deal with on a handful of levels. As for the bosses, they're very fun to fight. There's two types of bosses. The first are the air crafts which are very easy to deal with and you only fight them three times in the game. The second are the boats which range from fairly easy to a huge pain. Some of the boat bosses have extra enemies you have to deal with. So, on top of fighting and dodging all the crap the boat bosses are shooting at you, you also have to dodge Japanese air crafts. By the way, 1943 adds something new to the table this time around. It gives you five different options to power up throughout the game which are your offensive power, your defense, the number of your special weapons, your energy level, and the time limit of your special weapons. 1943 has 24 stages and the last two are boss rush levels. The first boss rush puts you up against the three Japanese aircraft bosses and the second boss rush puts you up against five brutal boat bosses. By the way, the boss rush levels are long levels unlike most of the Mega Man Games, so have fun ripping your hair out. That second boss rush in particular is a huge pain because you have to get through a lot of enemies and power yourself up. Afterwards, you have to make it through five boss fights with some weapon refill and health refill items after you beat one. Sometimes, you only get one of them and they're not in plain sight, so you have to remember where they are if you want to refill your health and weapon energy. Speaking of which, 1943 on NES is a fairly difficult game, but thankfully, it gives you a health bar unlike most shooters. By the way, 1943 also has a password feature that let's you pick up where you left off (besides the last stage for some odd reason). Overall, 1943: The Battle Of Midway is a great game with fun bosses, great weapons, a great soundtrack, great enemies with interesting patterns, an amazing power up system, and challenging and fun gameplay.
Game: 7.1/10.
Soundtrack: 7/10.
Note: I plan to review Capcom's 194X series, so I'll go into more detail when I eventually review this series.