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007 Quantum of Solace


007: Ein Quantum Trost, James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Platforms: PS2, PS3, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360
Year: 2008
Developed by: Treyarch Corporation
Published by: (PlayStation 3 Wii Windows Xbox 360 Versions) Noviy Disk (Windows Version) Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Wii Version) ak tronic Software & Services GmbH (Wii & Windows), Activision Publishing, Inc.

Number of Files: 20
Total Filesize: 108 MB
Date Added: Oct 20th, 2023
Album type: Soundtrack
Uploaded by: Kevin (Maycroft) Harvick

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  # Song Name MP3    
1. The James Bond Theme 2:12 5.23 MB get_app
2. Main Menu 1:33 3.77 MB get_app
3. Science Center Fight 2:16 5.41 MB get_app
4. Double Down 1:42 4.09 MB get_app
5. Between Vitrines 1:58 4.72 MB get_app
6. Runway Incursion 2:33 6.06 MB get_app
7. Toward Montenegro 2:22 5.64 MB get_app
8. Night Train Fight 2:03 4.90 MB get_app
9. Piazza San Marco 2:12 5.25 MB get_app
10. Elevator Plunge 1:58 4.73 MB get_app
11. On The Barge 2:26 5.78 MB get_app
12. White's Interrogation 2:11 5.20 MB get_app
13. Siena Rooftops 2:38 6.23 MB get_app
14. White's Estate 2:54 6.87 MB get_app
15. Bergenz Floating Opera 3:11 7.50 MB get_app
16. Skyfleet 2:35 6.13 MB get_app
17. Guy Haines 2:09 5.15 MB get_app
18. Madagascar Sprint 1:53 4.50 MB get_app
19. Down The Sinkhole 2:02 4.86 MB get_app
20. The Eco Hotel 2:37 6.19 MB get_app


Based on the scripts of the 21st movie "Casino Royale" and the 22nd James Bond movie of the same name as the game, it follows closely the story of those movies but elaborates many scenes and fills in some blanks.

In a first person shooter fashion, the player directs Bond through the levels filled with many bad guys. To overcome those, Bond has several different kinds of weapons at his disposal ranging from his trusted P99 to machine guns and full blown grenade launchers. But the levels are also filled with canisters that either explode upon shooting or vent gas that temporarily blinds the enemy. Bond can also perform a take down move which puts an enemy out silently. If Bond is near enough to an enemy, a button press will initiate the corresponding mini-game in which the player needs to hit a circle with a crosshair in a short period of time. Is the player successful, the enemy is out of the play but when he fails to hit the mark in time, Bond will be thrown away from the enemy and is vulnerable for a short period of time. In addition Bond can duck into cover to avoid bullets and shoot blindly over it or look out of it to get the kill. Bond also automatically regenerates his health when not under fire.

Other obstacles in the levels are cameras, which can either be shot or disabled and electronic locks which need to be hacked in another mini-game. There arrows flash green or red on the screen and the player needs to press the corresponding button fast enough when it blinks green to input the right number into the keypad.

The game also features a multiplayer mode for up to 12 players with the following game modes:Bond Versus*: one player takes over the control of James Bond and either needs to defuse two of the three bombs in the level or kill all six of the opposing team. In this mode Bond can also see all enemies and has two lives.

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Can you update it with the song of the opening credits, ive been looking for that for a while now.