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Top 12 Albums Published by KID Corp.


Ever 17 - The Out of Infinity

6 Inch My Darling

Raiden Densetsu

Ever 17: The Out of Infinity

Memories Off Complete

Memories Off 2nd

Ever 17 - The Out of Infinity


Memories Off After Rain Original Sound Tracks

Can Can Bunny Premiere

Close to: Inori no Oka

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Albums Published by KID Corp.

Found 64 albums!

Album Platform Type Year
6 Inch My Darling Saturn Gamerip 1998
Ai Yori Aoshi PS2 Gamerip 2003
Angel's Feather PS2 Gamerip 2004
Boku to Bokura no Natsu Dreamcast Gamerip 2002
Burai Fighter Deluxe GB Gamerip 1990, 1999
Can Can Bunny Premiere Saturn Gamerip 1996
Can Can Bunny Premiere 2 Saturn Gamerip 1996
Cartagra PS2 Gamerip 2005
Close to: Inori no Oka Dreamcast Gamerip 2001
Colorful Box: To Love PS2 Gamerip 2004
Death Brade FM Towns Gamerip 1992
Emmyrea PS1 Gamerip 2001
Erde: Nezu no Ki no Shita de Dreamcast Gamerip 2003
Ever 17 - The Out of Infinity PS2 Gamerip 2002
Ever 17 - The Out of Infinity Windows Gamerip 2002
Ever 17: The Out of Infinity Dreamcast Gamerip 2002
Festa!! Hyper Girls Party PS2 Gamerip 2006
Front Row (GBC) GB Gamerip 1999
Golf Daisuki!: Let's Play Golf (GBC) GB Gamerip 1999
Guisard Revolution: Bokura wa Omoi wo Mi ni Matou PS2 Gamerip 2005
Iris Dreamcast Gamerip 2003
Kaiketsu! Osabakina PS2 Gamerip 2004
KID MUSIC MUSEUM VOL.3 PS2, Windows Compilation 2005
KID MUSIC MUSEUM VOL.4 PS2, Windows Compilation 2006
Lil' Monster (GBC) GB Gamerip 1999
Mabino Style PS2 Gamerip 2005
Mabino x Style Prelude Disc Windows Soundtrack 2005
Memories Off 2nd Dreamcast Gamerip 2001
Memories off 8bit Arrange PS2, Windows Arrangement 2006
Memories Off After Rain Original Sound Tracks PS2 Soundtrack 2005
Memories Off Complete Dreamcast Gamerip 2000
Memories Off Duet: 1st & 2nd Stories PS2 Gamerip 2003
Memories Off ~Sorekara~ Privilege Original BGM Collection PS2 Soundtrack 2004
Mikomai: Towa no Omoi PS2 Gamerip 2005
Milky Season Dreamcast Gamerip 2002
Monochrome Original BGM Collection Soundtrack 2004
My Merry May Dreamcast Gamerip 2002
My Merry Maybe Dreamcast Gamerip 2003
Natsuyume Yobanashi Yawa PS2 Gamerip 2003
Never7: The End of Infinity Dreamcast Gamerip 2000
Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte PS2 Gamerip 2004
Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi: Memories Off Dreamcast Gamerip 2002
Pepsiman PS1 Gamerip 1999
Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! Saturn Gamerip 1998
Pizzicato Polka: Ensa Genya Dreamcast Gamerip 2004
Pocket Love GB Gamerip 1997
Pocket Love 2 GB Gamerip 1998
Prism Heart Dreamcast Gamerip 2001
Raiden Densetsu FM Towns Gamerip 1991
Remember11 SPECIAL PROFITS CD PS2 Soundtrack 2004
San San no Natsu! Inspired By 2006
Separate Hearts PS2 Gamerip 2006
Subete ga F ni naru ~The perfect insider~ BGM Collection PS1 Soundtrack 2005
Suigetsu: Mayoi Gokoro Dreamcast Gamerip 2004
Tenant Wars PS1, Saturn Gamerip 1998
Tentama 2: Wins PS2 Gamerip 2004
TENTAMA 2wins BGM Collection PS2 Soundtrack 2004
Tentama: 1st Sunny Side Dreamcast Gamerip 2001
Treasure Strike Dreamcast Gamerip 2000
Virtua Call S Saturn Gamerip 1998
We Are PS2 Gamerip 2006
White Princess the Second PS2 Gamerip 2005
Yume no Tsubasa: Fate of Heart Dreamcast Gamerip 2001