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Zone of the Enders Unreleased Tracks (Unofficial)

Year: 2001

Number of Files: 11
Total Filesize: 26 MB
Date Added: Nov 25th, 2006
Album type: Gamerip

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  Song Name MP3  
a light with a name of hope 4:03 3.71 MB get_app
battle symphony 4:18 3.94 MB get_app
beautiful disaster 1:49 1.66 MB get_app
delay 1:12 1.10 MB get_app
forever & ever 1:06 1.01 MB get_app
innocent love 3:42 3.39 MB get_app
kiss me sunlights 3:50 3.50 MB get_app
neith 1:51 1.69 MB get_app
opening american 1:54 1.74 MB get_app
start menu 0:33 1.27 MB get_app
the slayer arrives 2:15 2.58 MB get_app

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03:20 Mar 26th, 2021Offline

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reply @ the random person who said to convert the files again... Don't do it because you don't convert a file more then once. You are heavily damaging the quality every time you do it. Besides these seemed to be converted to hell and back already because they sound awful. The files are already corrupt on many places have atrifacts, distortions etc and there is no point to re-fresh even if you save them in Wav or optional Flac format. Either get the originals again or don't bother at all. These are good for demonstrations and reminding your self which file is what but not really for actual quality listening or working on it. These are pretty much near dead files.

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10:00 Dec 29th, 2020Offline

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"Battle Symphony" (I believe it's official title is actually "Theme of Z.O.E,") "Innocent Love" & "Beautiful Disaster" are all tracks from the prequel OVA, "Zone of the Enders: Idolo" and they were featured on a promo CD that came with the Premium Package for the Japanese release of the first game. However, I'm not sure where "The Slayer Arrives" is from, I don't recall it playing in the game, was it featured in the OVA as well? If so I'm curious where it was taken from as it wasn't featured on the promo CD and no other soundtracks for the OVA exist, perhaps it was just recorded off the DVD?

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Guest Reviewer

01:13 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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This on is simple:
1. grab any audio file editor/converte r
2. save the file under a new name
(i.e. put a "(2)" at the end)
3. add all the info you want to the new file
4. delete the old one
5. rename the new file to the correct name

That should do the trick.

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Guest Reviewer

01:12 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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can u fix yhis error that ouccures at properties at song 00 start menu.mp3? it's an error happens when you try to update the file/songs information or adding more at discription of the song do give more accured data/information for computer or the mp3 player so it would sort it near to it's other album songs at rigth oder

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Guest Reviewer

01:12 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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I got all the songs but 00 start menu.mp3 is missing album name on my files and i cant correct it theres occures an error when i try enter the album name on the discription at the properties
whére it says album/album name :/ :( can u fix it?