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Wonder Boy - The Dragon’s Trap

Platforms: PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One
Year: 2017
Developed by: Lizardcube
Published by: DotEmu, Headup Games, Nicalis

Number of Files: 18
Total Filesize: 54 MB
Date Added: Apr 18th, 2019
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. The last dungeon (Remaster) 2:38 2.44 MB get_app
2. VS Dragon (Remaster) 1:12 1.67 MB get_app
3. Monster Town (Remaster) 2:25 3.34 MB get_app
4. Shop The Dragon's Trap (Remaster) 1:16 1.75 MB get_app
5. Room BGM (Remaster) 1:59 2.75 MB get_app
6. Mind of Hero (Remaster) 2:51 3.93 MB get_app
7. Mind of Hero (The Unknow Version) 1:59 2.74 MB get_app
8. The Danger Zone (Remaster) 2:28 2.28 MB get_app
9. Side Crawler Dance (Remaster) 2:25 3.32 MB get_app
10. The monster's lair (Remaster) 2:03 2.84 MB get_app
11. The monster's lair (The Castle Version) 2:14 3.09 MB get_app
12. The monster's lair (The Shipwreck ​Version) - YouTube 4:02 5.55 MB get_app
13. The monster's lair (The Temple version) 2:11 3.02 MB get_app
14. The monster's lair (The Daimyo Temple) 2:39 3.67 MB get_app
15. The monster's lair (Dragon's Castle ​Version) 1:48 2.49 MB get_app
16. The last dungeon (Version 2 Return To ​The Castle ) 2:23 3.29 MB get_app
17. Endless war (Remaster) 1:26 1.98 MB get_app
18. Gallery (Exclusive music for remaster) 2:34 3.55 MB get_app

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05:53 Sep 17th, 2021Offline

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This is absolutely not the OST. This is a half-ass game rip with a PS4 notification sound like the user said above me. The audio quality is very subpar as well. I would avoid this release like the plague, and try to track down the real deal. - The real OST actually has 89 tracks, and is listed up on Bandcamp for purchase. You can see full track names, and there is even bonus music that comes with it.

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03:30 May 29th, 2021Offline

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ps4 notification sound track 18 at 2:20........