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Violent Storm OST

Konami Amusement Sounds '94...Spring

Platforms: Arcade
Year: 1994
Catalog Number: KICA-7631~2
Developed by: Konami
Published by: King Record, Konami

Number of Files: 19
Total Filesize: 53 MB
Date Added: Jan 23rd, 2015
Album type: Soundtrack

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Pleased To Meet You 0:53 1.23 MB get_app
2. Prologue 0:22 0.51 MB get_app
3. Funky Guys 0:46 1.07 MB get_app
4. Who'll Be The Hero 2:58 4.08 MB get_app
5. On the Train 2:38 3.62 MB get_app
6. Feel My Power 3:07 4.28 MB get_app
7. Sharara's Dancing 3:17 4.52 MB get_app
8. Drifting Tension 2:49 3.87 MB get_app
9. We Are Free 2:40 3.67 MB get_app
10. Hey! Hey! Hey! 2:49 3.87 MB get_app
11. The Final Technique 3:28 4.77 MB get_app
12. Who Are You 2:20 3.20 MB get_app
13. In the Shadows 2:36 3.57 MB get_app
14. VS Geld 2:43 3.74 MB get_app
15. Kick It! 0:08 0.18 MB get_app
16. Out Of Luck! 0:09 0.20 MB get_app
17. Nice Fight. Congratulations 1:11 1.63 MB get_app
18. Are You Ready 2:27 3.36 MB get_app
19. Who'll Be The Hero 0:49 1.13 MB get_app

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03:51 Apr 14th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

this is one of my favorite beat 'em up arcade video game music soundtracks i have ever downloaded in mp3 format.


01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

Music screams 80'S and 90's. Especially with tracks like Feel my Power, and We are Free. Oddly a very enjoyable soundtrack for the game. Pretty good game too, as Konami is bo stranger to the beat 'em up genre. I'm a stickler for quality, this sounds good, and I'm sure this isn't 320Kbps quality, but won't matter much since quality of a few of the samples are low to begin with on the actual hardware. For 1993 it still sounds really damn good!