Variable Geo 2 (PC-9801)

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Album name: Variable Geo 2 (PC-9801)
Number of Files: 42
Total Filesize: 155.47 MB
Date added: Sep 23rd, 2017

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Song Name Download Size
01_Legend of Goddess (Opening Theme) [OPNA].mp3 Download 5.20 MB
02_Kiss T.K.O. (Character Select) [OPNA].mp3 Download 5.75 MB
03_Mighty Power (Yuka Takeuchi) [OPNA].mp3 Download 4.47 MB
04_Silent Muse (Chiho Masuda) [OPNA].mp3 Download 3.54 MB
05_Typhoon Lady (Jun Kubota) [OPNA].mp3 Download 3.46 MB
06_Wild Kitten (Manami Kusunoki) [OPNA].mp3 Download 2.49 MB
07_D-G with Violin (Kaori Yanase) [OPNA].mp3 Download 5.75 MB
08_Rosenbeet (Reimi Jahana) [OPNA].mp3 Download 4.71 MB
09_Knuckle on Fire (Satomi Yajima) [OPNA].mp3 Download 5.77 MB
10_Break 4 Station (Ayako Yuuki) [OPNA].mp3 Download 3.99 MB
11_Naniwa Kakuto-do (Erina Goldsmith) [OPNA].mp3 Download 3.04 MB
12_Like the Phoenix (Terumi Kannazuki) [OPNA].mp3 Download 3.02 MB
13_Innate Instinct (Yumiko Watanuki) [OPNA].mp3 Download 4.29 MB
14_Battle Xtasy (Kotoe Kashima) [OPNA].mp3 Download 3.42 MB
15_Victory 2 U (Battle Over) [OPNA].mp3 Download 140.52 KB
16_Black Whispers (Visual A) [OPNA].mp3 Download 970.11 KB
17_Gymnopedies '94 (Visual B) [OPNA].mp3 Download 2.05 MB
18_Fight Continued (Game Over) [OPNA].mp3 Download 586.58 KB
19_Over the Summer (Ending Theme A) [OPNA].mp3 Download 3.46 MB
20_The End of Bout (Ending Theme B) [OPNA].mp3 Download 2.31 MB
21_Fame of Geo (Staff Roll) [OPNA].mp3 Download 5.14 MB
22_Legend of Goddess (Opening Theme) [SC-88].mp3 Download 5.88 MB
23_Kiss T.K.O. (Character Select) [SC-88].mp3 Download 6.53 MB
24_Mighty Power (Yuka Takeuchi) [SC-88].mp3 Download 4.89 MB
25_Silent Muse (Chiho Masuda) [SC-88].mp3 Download 3.72 MB
26_Typhoon Lady (Jun Kubota) [SC-88].mp3 Download 3.99 MB
27_Wild Kitten (Manami Kusunoki) [SC-88].mp3 Download 3.10 MB
28_D-G with Violin (Kaori Yanase) [SC-88].mp3 Download 6.22 MB
29_Rosenbeet (Reimi Jahana) [SC-88].mp3 Download 5.61 MB
30_Knuckle on Fire (Satomi Yajima) [SC-88].mp3 Download 7.02 MB
31_Break 4 Station (Ayako Yuuki) [SC-88].mp3 Download 4.10 MB
32_Naniwa Kakuto-do (Erina Goldsmith) [SC-88].mp3 Download 3.37 MB
33_Like the Phoenix (Terumi Kannazuki) [SC-88].mp3 Download 3.44 MB
34_Innate Instinct (Yumiko Watanuki) [SC-88].mp3 Download 4.57 MB
35_Battle Xtasy (Kotoe Kashima) [SC-88].mp3 Download 3.92 MB
36_Victory 2 U (Battle Over) [SC-88].mp3 Download 193.21 KB
37_Black Whispers (Visual A) [SC-88].mp3 Download 1.50 MB
38_Gymnopedies '94 (Visual B) [SC-88].mp3 Download 2.46 MB
39_Fight Continued (Game Over) [SC-88].mp3 Download 695.71 KB
40_Over the Summer (Ending Theme A) [SC-88].mp3 Download 3.54 MB
41_The End of Bout (Ending Theme B) [SC-88].mp3 Download 2.79 MB
42_Fame of Geo (Staff Roll) [SC-88].mp3 Download 4.23 MB


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