Legend of Zelda, The - Twilight Princess OST

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Album name: Legend of Zelda, The - Twilight Princess OST
Number of Files: 7
Total Filesize: 13.21 MB
Date added: Sep 14th, 2007

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Song Name Download Size
02 Hyrule Field Main Theme.mp3 Download 2.34 MB
03 Ordon Village.mp3 Download 2.95 MB
04 Kakariko Village.mp3 Download 2.83 MB
05 Death Mountain.mp3 Download 1.99 MB
06 Midna's Theme.mp3 Download 1.40 MB
07 Ilia's Theme.mp3 Download 1.67 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

I love The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess!!!! It Rocks!!!!
- Melanie Bermingham and the music is sooo pretty and I love the 3rd song! :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

This game rules and the music to!!!
All the songs are great but the 3rd and 4th are the best!! The Hyrule Field theme are also great!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

The sound quality of these MP3's are greats, but you need to add the rest of the songs because some of my favorites are missing from the list. Good work overall!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

These are good mp3s. Shame there isn't more twilight princess Mp3s. Where are the rest?

Submitted by vg13598
Rating: 1/10

So awesome ost and just 5 songs!

Submitted by LinkMan8888
Rating: 3/10

They're in the other album of 127 songs

Submitted by barbaramora
Rating: 7/10

some songs are missing, but thanks for the available ones!

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