Tales of Legendia Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Tales of Legendia Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 44
Total Filesize: 234.71 MB
Date added: Nov 25th, 2006
Released on: Playstation 2   

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  Track Song Name MP3
101. tao -game version- 1:41 2.72 MB
102. melfes ~ shining blue 3:09 5.52 MB
103. the meeting place is the fountain plaza 1:58 3.67 MB
104. forest of no return 3:09 5.12 MB
105. a cheerful bandit 1:57 3.33 MB
106. sunlight filtering through the trees 4:42 7.53 MB
107. march 2:09 3.97 MB
108. spinning thoughts, bound hands 2:31 4.27 MB
109. the legendary sorceror 2:21 3.99 MB
110. it's not a bluff 2:29 3.69 MB
111. to deliver the feelings 4:50 8.61 MB
112. ancient ship 3:14 6.22 MB
113. tomorrow will surely be sunny 3:53 7.04 MB
114. enemy attack 3:17 6.22 MB
115. beyond that hill 1:57 3.47 MB
116. battle artist 3:23 6.16 MB
117. seeking victory 3:46 7.29 MB
118. sea of rage 3:28 6.19 MB
119. between memories and hope 1:21 2.31 MB
120. my tales 5:27 10.08 MB
201. a firefly's light 4:55 8.85 MB
202. whisper of the crystal 3:23 5.39 MB
203. advancing towards 12 o'clock 3:25 6.54 MB
204. chasing shirley 3:08 5.64 MB
205. short circuit 2:57 4.90 MB
206. stella 2:07 3.31 MB
207. let's go! 3:35 7.25 MB
208. big sister honwaka 3:29 6.20 MB
209. land of peace 2:43 4.57 MB
210. run in the middle of the storm 1:51 3.81 MB
211. tao -melfes version- 3:03 5.81 MB
212. the bird chirps, i sing 3:53 6.83 MB
213. delkes black wings 3:46 6.76 MB
214. thank you 2:00 2.67 MB
215. looming crisis 0:43 1.15 MB
216. guiding star 1:39 3.26 MB
217. a flower's name 0:45 1.11 MB
218. funeral march 2:02 3.40 MB
219. let's talk 2:32 4.07 MB
220. the prayers become power 3:11 5.67 MB
221. hotarubi 4:22 7.70 MB
222. tales 3:05 5.48 MB
301. the traveller's rest 7:15 12.09 MB
302. an important day ~ the strong bond with​comrades 3:05 4.87 MB


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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Tales of Legendia, a lot of people say that it is the worst "Tales of" from Namco, but others (like me) say that it is the greatest game ever.
It is because its great history and great characters, but I'm not here to say this, I'm here to say what a lot of people (even who hates it) like in the game: The soundtrack.
Goo shiina made a great work composing great musics to this game making it get even better!
When you start playing it you can listen to a great music from Kanon: "The bird's chrimp, I sing". It's the most loved game's soundtrack in the world, everybody says that!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Terrible game, great music. I hope Go Shiina can do more TALES games. Nice change of music other than the tiring same old Sakuraba stuff. Don't get me wrong I love his music, he just needs a vacation or something.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

March, The Legendary Sorcerer, Ancient ship, Enemy Attack, Seeking Victory, Sea of Rage, Whisper of the Crystal, Advancing Towards 12 o'clock, Chasing Shirley, Short Circuit, Guiding Star
These are the best songs that I have heard
I keep replay this game again, again and again cause I don't want it end!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

People esay this is the worst tales because is singleplayer and they don't even give it a try. They're so wrong, i'm agreed with you this tales is Amazing, Great Characters, Nice story, music 11/10, tons of quest, things to craft etc etc. In fact i think this tales has the best music than th others.

Submitted by danpan
Rating: 9/10

Tales of Legendia OST blends a variety of musical genres into one album packed with goodness, be it sentimental piano tunes, funky jazz rhythms, synthesized electronic sounds, orchestral music and such. Most game OSTs have this, but blending them well and fitting each of the individual scenarios whereby the OST is played is another thing altogether, something Go Shina has successfully done, and is sought after by avid Game OST listeners such as myself. The tales franchise always had great and unique OST, and this is no exception. Tunes gently but clearly remind players of the game such as myself upon the unforgettable scenes that take place in the game, sparking up fond but sharp memories. 9/10

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

It's missing a lot of tracks, like ''Hurry Up!''

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

This albums is missing a lot of the music from this game, like the boss music ''Hurry!''.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Best Shiina OST along with God Eater

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Best Tales game, and far and away the best Tales soundtrack, if not the best soundtrack period. Literally every single track takes my breath away, makes playing the game never get old.