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Symphony of the Night

Year: 2022
Published by: Nemix

Number of Files: 1
Total Filesize: 109 MB
Date Added: Mar 6th, 2023
Album type: Remix
Uploaded by: rodolfocanato

Nemix created several Castlevania Remixes.

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  Song Name MP3    
Castlevania - 1 hour Synthwave_Techno Mix 59:19 108.82 MB get_app

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10:44 Mar 10th, 2023Offline

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This is a killer synth wave remix of SOTN!
Blasting this in my Ioniq5. Fitting AF.
Good job Sir on the arrangements.

user avatar

Jersey Bear

08:35 Mar 8th, 2023Offline

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I'm not a fan of 80s synth wave, sure I grew up in the 80s and 90s, but I'm the type of fella that likes a little bit of everything and I do like some synth wave, but most of the time it's not my cup of tea. I was hesitant to DL this but I figured an hour at work inside of 12hrs is worth a try and I was pleasantly surprised. Even more so at the end when the new SoTN voiceovers were added in! Hearing Patrick Steitz and his work on Dracula with the creators synth wave mixed was perfect! It actually had me thinking Richter and Dracula were in an 80s street race altercation, like in The Wraith when they'd street race. Love it and look forward to hearing more!