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SUPER SHOT2 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection-

Year: 2010
Catalog Number: SHOT-004

Number of Files: 13
Total Filesize: 134 MB (MP3), 545 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Apr 23rd, 2020

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Little Busters! (livetune Remix) 6:39 13.05 MB 50.50 MB get_app
2. Jounetsu no Wobble (DJ SHIMAMURA Remix) 6:08 11.36 MB 48.55 MB get_app
3. Hold a dream (kors k Remix) 3:54 7.74 MB 31.09 MB get_app
4. STAR LEGEND (DJ SHIMAMURA's D'N'B Remix) 5:26 10.55 MB 42.79 MB get_app
5. Mecha Koi Ranman☆ (High-power Mega ​Sound Remix) 5:03 10.73 MB 37.68 MB get_app
6. Eternal recurrence (Hyper Techno Mix) 4:42 9.54 MB 38.87 MB get_app
7. (a)SLOW STAR (DJ SHIMAMURA Remix) 4:54 9.49 MB 39.18 MB get_app
8. Uchinaru Ame (DJ Hirojack Remix) 5:32 10.39 MB 44.99 MB get_app
9. Angel Ring ~Tsunageyou Koi no Ring~ ​(M-Project Power Inst Remix) 5:19 10.43 MB 42.82 MB get_app
10. A-RU-PI-JI♪ (JAKAZiD's ​ECHH-A-R-D-C-O-R-E Remix) 6:21 12.25 MB 51.74 MB get_app
11. Symphonic Love (Melodies Overflowed mix) 4:53 9.44 MB 40.15 MB get_app
12. Koibumi Romantica (DJ Hirojack Remix) 5:21 10.40 MB 41.15 MB get_app
13. Love Paradise (WONDERLAND2017 REMIX) 4:24 8.70 MB 35.59 MB get_app

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