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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Soundtrack Volume II


Platforms: Windows
Year: 2013
Catalog Number: N/A
Published by: Blizzard Entertainment

Number of Files: 12
Total Filesize: 91 MB (MP3), 256 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Jan 6th, 2024   | Change Log ▼ 2024-01-06: -Upgraded quality to lossless FLAC.

Album type: Soundtrack
Uploaded by: ViviVGM

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC    
1. Change 4:26 8.10 MB 21.30 MB get_app
2. Evolution 4:14 7.27 MB 18.63 MB get_app
3. Worlds Will Burn 3:20 5.83 MB 18.03 MB get_app
4. Conviction 6:45 12.30 MB 33.71 MB get_app
5. Kaloir 4:39 8.94 MB 27.08 MB get_app
6. Queen 4:26 8.34 MB 23.93 MB get_app
7. Zerus 5:47 10.75 MB 24.76 MB get_app
8. Believe 3:51 7.04 MB 21.26 MB get_app
9. True Enemy 3:44 6.88 MB 19.80 MB get_app
10. Dark in Me 2:58 5.84 MB 18.50 MB get_app
11. Heaven and Earth 2:23 4.25 MB 11.42 MB get_app
12. The Old Directorate 3:17 5.68 MB 17.83 MB get_app


Released exclusively at BlizzCon 2013 with no iTunes release planned.


Composers: Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree, Derek Duke, Russell Brower

Additional Music: Cris Velasco, Jason Hayes

Score Performed by: The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by: Eímear Noone

Contractor: Janet Ketchum

Violins: Laura Albers, Dan Banner, Mariya Borozina, Jeremy Cohen, Jeremy Constant*, Dawn Dover, Joe Edelberg, Josepha Fath, Connie Gantsweg, Michael Grossman, Candace Guirao, Robin Hansen,Adrienne Herbert, Julie Kim, Mia Kim, Melissa Kleinbart, Suzanne Leon, Kelly Leon-Pearce, Daniel Lewin, Roy Malan, Michelle Mauryama, Yasushi Ogura, Florin Parvulsecu, Ellen Pesavento, Deborah Price, Evan Price, Barbara Riccardi, Victor Romasevich†, Philip Santos, Wenyi Shih, Mariko Smiley, Mads Tolling, Igor Veligan, Heidi Wilcox, Chen Zhao

Violas: Su Buchignani, Paul Ehrlich, Nancy Ellis, David Gaudry†, Marcel Gemperli, Patricia Heller, Katie Johnk, Jeremy Kittel, Polly Malan, Emily Onderdonk, Elizabeth Prior, Carla Maria,Rodrigues, Nanci Severance, Meg Titchener, Natasha Vershilova

Celli: Teressa Adams, Michelle Djokic, Victoria Ehrlich, Nina Flyer, Joe Hebert, Emil Miland, Thalia Moore, Miriam Perkoff, Vanessa Ruotolo, Mark Summer, Eric Sung

Basses: Charles Chandler, Steve D’Amico, Shinji Eshima, Bill Everett, Pat Klobas, Jon Lancelle, Ken Miller, David Schoenbrun, Michel Taddei

Flutes: Janet Ketchum, Stephanie McNab, Cathy Payne

Oboes: Marilyn Coyne, Laura Griffiths

Clarinets: Carey Bell, Clark Fobes, Jerry Simas

Bassoons: Steve Braunstein, Rufus Olivier, Steve Paulson, Horns: Eric Achen, Alex Camphouse, Nicole Cash, Chris Cooper, Doug Hull, Jonathan Ring, Bruce Roberts, Glen Swarts, Alicia Telfor

Trumpets: Jeff Biancalana, Ron Blais, Mark Inouye, Adam Luftman

Trombones: Jeff Budin, Bruce Chrisp, John Engelkes, Tom Hornig, Mark Lawrence, David Ridge, Paul Welcomer†

Tuba: Peter Wahrhaftig†

Percussion: Raymond Froehlich, Galen Lemmon, Artie Storch†, Trey Wyatt

Harp: Karen Gottlieb, Sarah Voynow

Piano: Marc Shapiro, Richard Riccardi

Guitars & Textures: David Torn

Additional Guitar/FX: Jonas Laster

Flute soloist: Sara Andon

Choral Performance by: The Skywalker Symphony Chorus

Choirmaster: Ian Robertson

Sopranos: Aimee Puentes, Claire Kelm, Eileen Meredith, Jennifer Brody, Karen Huff, Mary Finch, Mitzie Weiner

Altos: Deborah Benedict, Janet Campbell, Kathy Roberts, Nicole Takesono, Rachelle Perry, Sarah Mouzon, Shelley Seitz, Sonia Gariaeff

Tenors: Christopher Jackson, Dan Stanley, David Gustafson, David Huff, Harold Truett, Mark Hernandez, Michael Adam Flowers, Seth Arnopole

Basses: Bill Pickersgill, Jere Torkelsen, Karl Saarni, Michael Taylor, Paul Thompson, Peter Tuff, Torlef Borsting

Orchestration: Bill Liston, Penka Kouneva

Score Copy and Prep Services: Robert Puff, RPM Seattle Music Preparation

Scoring Mixer: John Kurlander

Score Recorded at: Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm, Ltd. Company, Marin County, CA;

Assistant Engineers: Dann Thompson, Judy Kirschner, Robert Gatley, Pro Tools Operato r/Edito r:, Andre Zweers

Stem Mixes By: John Kurlander, John Rodd

Soundtrack Mastering: Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Production: Coordination/Planning: Caroline Hernandez, Colton Carmine

Talent Relations: Andrea Toyias, Tina T. Nguyen

Soundtrack Producer: Glenn Stafford * Concertmaster, † Principal

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Susan, Ethan, Quinn and Aaron Stafford, Yuliya, Jasper, and Esmeralda Duke, SEAFlute, Savina Ciaramella, Leslie Ann Jones, Tina, Margaret and Karen Brower, Margarita Kravets, Dave and Jo Acree, Tiffany, Taylor, Kate, and Bronte Hayes, Evelyn Fredericksen, Kevin Crook, Lynda Do, Sylvia Whiteshield, Jamie Crooks, Edo and Shelly Guidotti, NASA and their Curiosity, Chris Metzen, Nick Carpenter, Jeff Chamberlain, Frank Pearce, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams, and the Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department.

We would especially like to extend our appreciation and love to all in our family of wonderful and cherished musicians.

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06:10 Jan 6th, 2024Offline

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This album was updated on 6th of January, 2024.

Change Log:
-Upgraded quality to lossless FLAC.

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05:07 Oct 6th, 2022Offline

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Thanks for also uploading the Vol. 2 album. That was really hard to find.