Sonic SatAM Soundtrack

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Album name: Sonic SatAM Soundtrack
Number of Files: 11
Total Filesize: 27.51 MB
Date added: Oct 1st, 2015

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  Song Name MP3  
Track01 1:13 2.79 MB get_app
Track02 1:16 2.89 MB get_app
Track03 1:04 2.43 MB get_app
Track04 1:05 2.47 MB get_app
Track05 1:03 2.41 MB get_app
Track06 1:05 2.47 MB get_app
Track07 1:04 2.44 MB get_app
Track08 1:04 2.46 MB get_app
Track09 1:02 2.37 MB get_app
Track10 1:05 2.47 MB get_app
Track11 1:01 2.32 MB get_app


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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 4/10

Take out the voice clips. They're annoying!

Submitted by SonicMario4
Rating: 9/10

There's only one thing in my opinion that I don't like about the soundtrack. There's a guy at the beginning talking before the music kicks in. I know you can cut him out myself, but still, I wish I could have it cut out already.

Submitted by NewerMan420
Rating: 1/10

Someone has to compose these soundtracks and remove the voices now. It's getting very annoying.

Submitted by FaxisTheFox
Rating: 3/10

This album seems it was ripped from studio recordings from concept material as only a few of these tracks made it into the actual show. There is another album out there with more of the tracks that actually made it on SatAM seasons 1 and 2. Missing is the actual theme song 'Fastest Thing Alive' so I have to give this one a low score, but still interesting that it exists.