Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track

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Album name: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track
Number of Files: 60
Total Filesize: 228.57 MB
Date added: Jan 31st, 2018
Album type: Game

This two-disc soundtrack is based off the original 2000 video game. The first disc contains all music from the Hero story and Chao Worlds, while the second contains all music from the Dark and Last story. Both of the discs also contain a few menu and small theme arrangements.
Released on: Playstation 3   Xbox 360   Nintendo GameCube   Sega Dreamcast   Windows   

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  CD Track Song Name MP3
1 1. SA2 ...Main Riff For ''Sonic Adventure​2'' 0:23 0.69 MB
1 2. Event_ Let's Make It! 0:46 1.32 MB
1 3. Escape From The City ...For City Escape 2:18 3.32 MB
1 4. The Mad Convoy Race ...For City Escape 0:49 1.32 MB
1 5. That's The Way I Like It ...For Metal​Harbor 2:44 4.10 MB
1 6. Can't Stop, So What!_ ...For Metal​Harbor 0:54 1.45 MB
1 7. Won't Stop, Just Go! ...For Green Forest 2:29 3.75 MB
1 8. Keys The Ruin ...For Pyramid Cave 3:27 5.42 MB
1 9. Unstable World ...For Crazy Gadget 2:52 4.39 MB
1 10. Highway In The Sky ...For Final Rush 2:59 4.46 MB
1 11. Boss_ -GUN- Mobile 1:56 2.88 MB
1 12. Advertise_ SA2 ...In The Groove 2:09 3.39 MB
1 13. Event_ Strategy 1:28 2.12 MB
1 14. This Way Out ...For Prison Lane 3:12 4.67 MB
1 15. Rumbling HWY ...For Mission Street 2:47 4.14 MB
1 16. Chasing Drive ...For Kart 2:43 4.14 MB
1 17. Down In The Base ...For Hidden Base 3:35 5.57 MB
1 18. On The Edge ...For Eternal Engine 2:53 4.30 MB
1 19. Advertise_ SA2 Ver. B 0:28 0.83 MB
1 20. Kick The Rock! ...For Wild Canyon 3:16 4.15 MB
1 21. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...For Pumpkin​Hill 3:24 4.71 MB
1 22. Dive Into The Mellow ...For Aquatic Mine 3:38 4.56 MB
1 23. Deeper ...For Death Chamber 4:08 5.66 MB
1 24. Space Trip Steps ...For Meteor Herd 3:31 5.12 MB
1 25. Boss_ Masters Of The Desert 2:06 3.09 MB
1 26. Event_ Reunion 0:43 1.12 MB
1 27. Advertise_ Prof. Omochao 1:30 2.21 MB
1 28. Chao Race Extended Mix [Chao's Doki-Doki​Banana Chips Run Mix] 6:45 9.43 MB
1 29. Chao Garden Extended Mix [Chao's​Wack-Wack Up&Down The Ground Mix] 8:10 11.63 MB
2 1. Vengence Is Mine ...For Radical Highway 2:32 3.81 MB
2 2. Rhythm And Balance ...For White Jungle 2:28 3.55 MB
2 3. Mr. Unsmiley ...For Sky Rail 1:50 2.81 MB
2 4. The Supernatural ...For Final Chase 2:49 4.20 MB
2 5. For True Story ...For Sonic Vs. Shadow 2:32 3.71 MB
2 6. Event_ Conquest 1:34 2.27 MB
2 7. Hey You! It's Time To Speed Up Again!!! 0:27 0.86 MB
2 8. Still Invincible ...No Fear! 0:57 1.60 MB
2 9. Advertise_ Rhythmic Passage 1:08 1.90 MB
2 10. Boss_ Suitable Opponent 1:59 3.00 MB
2 11. Remember Me_ - M.F.M. ...For Iron Gate 2:21 3.50 MB
2 12. Way To The Base ...For Sand Ocean 2:53 4.15 MB
2 13. Trespasser ...For Lost Colony 2:26 3.68 MB
2 14. Crush'em All ...For Weapons Bed 1:50 2.77 MB
2 15. Soarin' Over The Space ...For Cosmic​Wall 3:05 4.57 MB
2 16. Event_ 3 Black Noises [Revival... Chaos​Control... Reflection] 5:20 7.04 MB
2 17. Advertise_ SA2 Ver. C 0:27 0.83 MB
2 18. Event_ Sonic Vs. Shadow 1:19 2.06 MB
2 19. Bright Sound ...For Dry Lagoon 3:35 5.45 MB
2 20. Love Gate 3 ...For Egg Quarters 3:18 5.17 MB
2 21. I'm A Spy... ...For Security Hall 3:38 5.76 MB
2 22. 34°N, 12°E ...For Mad Space 3:33 5.62 MB
2 23. Event_ The Base 1:54 2.84 MB
2 24. Boss_ Shut Up Faker! 1:43 2.60 MB
2 25. Scramble For The Core ...For Cannon's​Core Ver. 1 2:03 3.13 MB
2 26. Cooperation ...For Cannon's Core Ver. 2 2:00 3.33 MB
2 27. Deep Inside Of... ...For Cannon's Core​Ver. 3 3:18 5.07 MB
2 28. Supporting Me ...For Biolizard 3:29 5.14 MB
2 29. Event_ Madness 1:48 2.76 MB
2 30. Event_ The Last Scene 3:37 5.00 MB
2 31. Live & Learn ...Main Theme Of ''Sonic​Adventure 2'' 4:28 6.46 MB


Submitted by José Teixeira
Rating: 5/10

Disc 2, Track #31: Live Learn

is missing! If you have it, please upload it to our database.
Thanks, GrymReaper

Submitted by ChaosKvn
Rating: 5/10

I think this is outstanding work to put this all together. The sound track to Sonic 2 Battles is outstanding. On the Game disk there is an option to play the music but it most be connect to and played on the game cube.

It is nice to be able to take the music anywhere.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Where's E.G.G.M.A.N.? I love that song =( Other than that, great stuff. I really like it. Supporting me is my other favoutire. ^^

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

I like Sonic adventure 2 Battle i think the music is awsome I love live and learn music i counldn't find it anywhere thankyou!!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 3/10

what i CAN get is good, but theres a lot of broken links!! someone needs to come back here and re-upload the songs

Submitted by vital
Rating: 5/10

211 Remember me appears to not be working due to syntax error. This has been happening for awhile as well. And the site doesn't seem to have this problem on most soundtracks aside from this Sonic one.

Submitted by Deni BlueIce
Rating: 10/10

i love all the songs and i recommend you download all the songs espeslly Live and Learn in fact i heard Live and Learn is sonics theme in brwal!!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

This is the best video game theme track i have ever heard.
Every song i have gotten has worked.
I have loved the song kick the rock forever so it was my main concern to get that song.
Anyways, 10/10.
The tracks are addicting that make you want to hum along.
I suggest getting all the ones with lyrics 1st, because they have really awesome lyrics ^_^

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

Where is the music during the scene where sonic and shadow use chaos control on the space colony and shadow falls into that "light." Other than that, this is great.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 3/10

It's nice but there are broken links, and only the last song actualy has info on it. I have spent about an hour putting all the info on all the songs I got. the songs were good though.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

i love the music man although u could have put in the rest of live and learn
and put in sonics theme

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Love the music but I couldn't find the Boiloizard boss music. Could you plz add that? That is my favorite song on it. Thx.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

I like the Album but its kinda hard to find The music to Metal Harbor and Green Forest. :(

But over all the music makes me pumped up :)

Submitted by kaoru666
Rating: 6/10

Where is the Metal Harbor song.
Thanks for uploading this album. Mr. Khinsider.
Recomended songs
Gun Mobile
Keys the Ruin
Deep inside of Cannon's Core 3
Masters of the Desert

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

NO NO GREEN FOREST!!! But what I got is awesome. I want green forest tho but I can't get it anywhere. The link here is dead :(

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Whats the song called where they have that big force field thingy and they use chaos control on the ark? I love that song!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10

As said before, E.G.G.M.A.N. is missing. What is available isn't bad. But, it's more of a sampler than a complete soundtrack.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 1/10

What no biolizard boss music,not an epic list.And lots of people want live and learn.I like music thats is underratted.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

Great job, I really liked these songs while playing, but some of the links are broken, and its the pumpkin hill track too... one of my favorites since I had plenty of time to listen while emerald hunting.

Submitted by Solhatson
Rating: 5/10

i've downloaded most of the sound track and only about half of what i downloaded works on my itunes can you please try to fix them. thanks

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Excellent job and for those who haven't found E.G.G.M.A.N. , it's found in the Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal track listing (see right hand column, press Sonic, then go to the above area).

Submitted by Mylestinia
Rating: 6/10

The last song of CD1, Track 29:

129 Chao Garden Extended Mix Chao's Wack Wack Up Down The

I can't download this track, the link is failed.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

biolizard boss music is "supporting me," that was one of the songs I was looking for. It's a pretty good collection

Submitted by dingydingbat13
Rating: 3/10

Some of the Songs don't work they are listed below:

102, 105, 106, 107, 128, 129, 207, 214, 215, 221, 222, and 231.

All of those don't work plz fix.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

People - your saying that a lot of stuff is missing. It's just under your noses! Remember Me m.f.m is E.G.G.M.A.N and the biolizard music is Supporting me, and the utscene before final battle is Madness... Download before you talk.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

Great Soundtrack!
And for all of you whining there is no biolizard music, its near the bottom and its called Supporting me
nuf said
although it would be nice if i could get the song with eggman in space...think its cosmic wall.

Submitted by Gutting
Rating: 10/10

Thank you very much! I have a very long time it was looking for. In Russia, something difficult to find. Sorry I do not know english:)

Submitted by Leoro
Rating: 10/10

song # 121 (a ghost's pumpkin soup) is broken. the song is only 534 bytes - which is an impossible size for a sound file to begin with - and it won't play in anything. WMP says that the file type is not the same as the extension (ie, it's .mp3, but the actual file type [what it's encoded in/as] is something else, like png or wav or something else) so if we could get someone to reupload that, then that would be great.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Where is the Green Forest Theme!!!!! It's called "Won't Stop, Just Go!", and i want it really badly!!!!! That song is one of the best songs on sa2b!!!!! But the album awesome, it's just missing a couple of good songs. BTW ppl, Live and Learn is at the bottom of the freakin' list!!! If that file doesn't work, then I'm sry for snapping at you ppl like that. (I got Live and Learn somewhere else, and I don't remember where, so don't ask!)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10

Pretty good but you're missing "Final Chase"! Please get it on here, I can't find it anywhere else. :/

Submitted by Pikapika5
Rating: 7/10

I was wandering, where is Live and Learn ( The last boss one ) instrumental? Im sorry if its in another section though. But Thanks for all the music

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10

This game was great and so was its soundtracks!

Though, There are a few broken files here that won't play or can't be downloaded! It's an annoying problem here, but if anyone can, Please fix it soon!!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Pretty awesome soundtrack, although the ACTUAL name of this set is Sonic Adventure 2 Multi-Dimensional (Original Score).

Look for Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack for the charachter themes, i.e. E.G.G.M.A.N and the like.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Sonic Adventure 2 was the best game in Sega history!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Thanks so much for these high quality music files. So many memories from this game... :'D

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

G reen Forest (Won't stop, Just go!) isn't work! Please fix it.

Besides that, good job, man (or wo-man).
10/10! (Tears of nostalgia rolling down cheek)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

thanks!! sonic adventure 2 battle is my favourite game!!! :)

Submitted by volandox
Rating: 10/10

Sonic Forever

Submitted by sloanza
Rating: 10/10

It has all the songs and in good quality so I give it a 10

Submitted by bloodking313
Rating: 8/10

Now this is one of my favorite sonic games, soundtrack is awesome, though you are missing a few such as pumpkin hill, security place, the 2nd vrs of master of the desert, and a few more.

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