Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society

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Album name: Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society
Number of Files: 14
Total Filesize: 83.47 MB
Date added: Nov 11th, 2007
Album type: Anime
Released on: Anime   

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  Track Song Name MP3
1. Player (Origa with Heartsdales) 5:42 8.10 MB
2. Replica (Ilaria Graziano) 5:23 7.84 MB
3. Zero Signal 4:03 6.08 MB
4. Solid State Society 4:39 6.34 MB
5. Tempest 2:50 4.09 MB
6. Born Stubborn 3:22 4.87 MB
7. She Is 2:32 3.33 MB
8. From The Roof Top - Somewhere In The​Silence (sniper's theme)(Ilaria​Graziano) 6:31 8.50 MB
9. Undivided 2:03 2.78 MB
10. Blues In The Net 6:41 8.71 MB
11. Human Step (Aramaki's theme) 3:32 4.86 MB
12. Date Of Rebirth (Origa) 4:37 7.32 MB
13. Take A Little Hand (Gabriela Robin) 5:03 6.17 MB
14. Remedium 3:10 4.49 MB


Submitted by naruo
Rating: 10/10

This album was beautiful, in my opinion. Both Origa and Ilaria Graziano shine in their tracks, and Yoko Kanno's instrumentals were also lovely, most notably Tempest, Remedium, and Zero Signal. While I dislike some of the songs outside of their places in the movie, such as Born Stubborn, they are all well produced.
The Sniper's Theme (Ilaria Graziano) was one of my favorites. The transition from the jazz of the beginning to Graziano's vocal performance was beautiful, not to mention that the lyrics were fitting as well. It embodies the sniper perfectly.
Both of Origa's tracks were superb, as she has been the staple for GITS:SAC openings, she was perfect for this and she surpassed expectations with these tracks. There is an entirely different feel from Date of Rebirth and Player as opposed to the songs she did for SAC, but this diversion from the norm worked and produced 2 great songs.
Yoko Kanno did a great job on all of the tracks, but the ones that stand out would be Zero Signal, Tempest, and Remedium. There is great depth in the music of Tempest and Remedium, and the symphony does an excellent job with the execution of both of the me, they seem to sound absolutely grand when played one after another. Zero Signal encapsulates the futuristic setting of the movie, not to mention that it is just a great song that has appeal outside of the movie as well.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

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