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Sengoku Taisen Music Collection

Number of Files: 27
Total Filesize: 0 MB (MP3), 168 MB (M4A)
Date Added: May 11th, 2021

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  # Song Name MP3 M4A  
1. 大活劇 Main theme 2.69 MB get_app
2. 戦略 Stratagem 2.28 MB get_app
3. 雷声 Chant of the War 1.69 MB get_app
4. 桶狭間にて The Ravine 7.86 MB get_app
5. 賤ヶ岳 The Seven Spear 7.17 MB get_app
6. 深志桜 Deep Aim Blossoms 7.30 MB get_app
7. 虎口 Attack the castle! 1.80 MB get_app
8. 静森 Forest of arrow 8.26 MB get_app
9. 洛中 Street Fighting 7.80 MB get_app
10. 敗北 Defeat 0.81 MB get_app
11. 聖域 Sanctity Sea 7.56 MB get_app
12. 超絶! Superlative 9.28 MB get_app
13. 流雪 Snow river 6.88 MB get_app
14. 采配の刻 Power of order 8.09 MB get_app
15. 宿命 Fallen leaf 9.32 MB get_app
16. 勝利 Victory 0.88 MB get_app
17. 要塞 Stronghold 6.35 MB get_app
18. 戦功 Reward 2.20 MB get_app
19. 列伝 Feudal lords 6.20 MB get_app
20. 終焉 The hero's death 5.02 MB get_app
21. 驀進 A Marching Song 7.53 MB get_app
22. 剛敵 The Tough 8.62 MB get_app
23. 小春日和 A Balmy Autumn Day 6.47 MB get_app
24. 大河の如く Like the great river 2.48 MB get_app
25. 大戦国 Theme of great war 8.49 MB get_app
26. 彼方の桜島 Far Beyond The Volcano 8.18 MB get_app
27. 音効遊戯 Secret Extra Track 17.05 MB get_app

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