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RefRain Prism Memories Chronicle

Year: 2012

Number of Files: 23
Total Filesize: 136 MB
Date Added: Nov 5th, 2014

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. scratched amethyst Desktop Title [Miria] 2:24 6.09 MB get_app
2. Marbles Tutorial 0:58 3.31 MB get_app
3. binary spectrum Central01 2:38 6.25 MB get_app
4. G01-AN Central Keeper[Celess] 6:19 13.49 MB get_app
5. Indigo HELiX Central02 3:07 7.51 MB get_app
6. Books&Knuckles Central Keeper[Iris] 3:53 9.05 MB get_app
7. Aspartame Desktop Title [Tee] 1:05 3.49 MB get_app
8. Cubism Central03 2:53 6.72 MB get_app
9. Optical illusion Central Keeper[I-5 ​imitation-vermillion] 2:37 6.73 MB get_app
10. After 5 Desktop Title [Mews] 0:57 3.31 MB get_app
11. Sand Cloud Central04 2:48 6.73 MB get_app
12. Twice a second Central ​Keeper[Citrus&Seedless] 2:13 5.84 MB get_app
13. Call of Core Central05 1:58 5.33 MB get_app
14. RecallProcess Central Keeper[VIOLET] ​Phase I 1:39 4.79 MB get_app
15. immune.sys Central Keeper[VIOLET] Phase ​II 1:57 5.19 MB get_app
16. Unearthed Deus Central Keeper[VIOLET] ​Phase III 2:14 6.19 MB get_app
17. In_cLement Normal Ending 1:12 3.81 MB get_app
18. Acid Rain Reverse Central ​Keeper[VIOLET] Phase IV 1:39 4.59 MB get_app
19. And the world collides. Central ​Keeper[VIOLET] Phase V 2:02 5.34 MB get_app
20. break; Prism Memories Good Ending 1:17 3.86 MB get_app
21. Re-Pray Staff Roll 1:52 4.87 MB get_app
22. Old titles RefRain Title [Prototype] 1:15 3.87 MB get_app
23. Crimson diver RedRive 4:13 9.44 MB get_app

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01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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i coud barely find this music on the internet anywhere. thanks to this forum i have saved on to my desktop now. too bad i couldntdownload the entire album at once. it is some of the bst music to ut to your headphones and listen to while you are doing anything really where you need to concentrate. i reccomend starting with track 4. go for it listen to it. the rest of the track are on an an average very consoistently good. everyone would vouce for their favourites ine are crimson driver and immune.sys
go ahead give it a listen. some of the best (& free :)) music around