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R-Type II

Platforms: Amiga
Year: 1991

Number of Files: 12
Total Filesize: 23 MB
Date Added: Feb 21st, 2015
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. R-Type II 0:47 1.27 MB get_app
2. R-Type II 0:33 0.94 MB get_app
3. R-Type II 0:25 0.69 MB get_app
4. R-Type II 1:04 1.84 MB get_app
5. R-Type II 1:39 2.67 MB get_app
6. R-Type II 1:14 2.16 MB get_app
7. R-Type II 2:31 4.18 MB get_app
8. R-Type II 0:44 1.33 MB get_app
9. R-Type II 1:31 2.69 MB get_app
10. R-Type II 0:47 1.36 MB get_app
11. R-Type II 1:20 2.27 MB get_app
12. R-Type II 0:47 1.25 MB get_app

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01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Let me start off by saying this is my first review, and I love this site! R-Type is a wonderful series and it's great to see its music appreciated. R-Type 2 as a whole is kind a mixed bag to me though. It's still really, REALLY good, but it's not as good as R-Type 1. Rtype 2s music Ranges from bad to great depending on the version. The Gameboy version of the game leans more towards the okay side. Both Gameboy versions of Rtype don't actually adapt all of the arcade games music, which makes sense, it is a weaker console after all. And in fact, I praised the ZX spectrum versions music despite the fact that the only tracks were the level complete theme and the ending theme. But they sounded so great, and we're just in general such great songs I didn't mind. But the difference between Here is that the songs they adapted for the first game went on for a long time before looping, and were just in general really great and impressive songs. The Battle theme is perhaps the most iconic song in the entire series, and it's just in general a really fantastic and long song. They also adapted level twos theme, which is just one of my favorites anyway, and I know the whole "music is subjective" thing, but that song is just great in general. They also adapted the Boss theme and the ending theme which are also just fantastic songs. But even if the first stage theme for Rtype 2 is pretty good, the songs in that version loop so much and there's so little of it. They even reuse the ending theme from the first game. Like yeah, it was good the first time but...