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Phantasy Star Series 25th Anniversary Sound Collection

Year: 2012

Number of Files: 10
Total Filesize: 39 MB (MP3), 133 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Apr 26th, 2021

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The ​whole new world~ 2:29 4.77 MB 14.68 MB get_app
2. ''LET THE WINDS BLOW'' -Theme of ​Phantasy Star Online Episode III- 4:07 7.86 MB 23.84 MB get_app
3. Save This World -Orchestra Short ​Version- 2:43 4.88 MB 16.31 MB get_app
4. Phantasy Star Zero 2:03 3.90 MB 12.96 MB get_app
5. Save This World 1:27 2.93 MB 9.88 MB get_app
6. Save This World -REMIX Version- 1:44 3.43 MB 11.93 MB get_app
7. Save This World -νMIX- 1:13 2.44 MB 8.73 MB get_app
8. Living Universe 1:15 2.31 MB 9.02 MB get_app
9. Ignite Infinity 1:37 3.13 MB 11.30 MB get_app
10. The whole new world -Short Version- ​PHANTASY STAR ONLINE2 OPENING THEME 1:53 3.56 MB 14.20 MB get_app

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08:19 Oct 9th, 2020Offline

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to be more specific, these seem to be "phantasy star online" anniversary albums. :/ not anniversary albums for the entire phantasy star series.


01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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i like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the nightclub video game music soundtrack of: sega's yuzo koshiro's streets of rage dj.