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Monster Bash (Williams Pinball) Soundtrack

Platforms: Arcade
Year: 1998

Number of Files: 17
Total Filesize: 58 MB
Date Added: Mar 21st, 2020

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Frankenstein Multiball 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
2. Drac Attack 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
3. Mummy Mayhem 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
4. Prelaunch and Main Theme 4:38 10.63 MB get_app
5. Monster Bash Mission Theme 2:54 6.65 MB get_app
6. Hurry Up Relaunch 0:30 1.16 MB get_app
7. List of Score 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
8. Lyman's Lament 0:17 0.65 MB get_app
9. Bride Of Frankenstein Theme 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
10. Wolfman 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
11. CBBL Theme 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
12. Wolfman 2 2:00 4.60 MB get_app
13. Extra Ball! 0:08 0.32 MB get_app
14. Winner! 0:03 0.12 MB get_app
15. Pre Frankenstein Multiball! It's Alive! 0:16 0.63 MB get_app
16. Pre Drac Attack 0:08 0.32 MB get_app
17. Mommy Goes Out! Out Sarcophage! 0:07 0.27 MB get_app

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06:56 Dec 12th, 2021Offline

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I'd like to point out that this music is bad ASS!!! Especially for a pinball machine in 1998. - Vince Pontarelli did the music for this, who also did the music for, No Good Gofers pinball machine as well and a few others. Both fantastic machines, hard to find, expensive unless you get it via Pinball Arcade in past (they lost the rights to Williams tables), or you get it through a Zen Pinball collection currently. I would recommend this table HIGHLY! There is even a remake project that is finished for these tables in 3 different versions. Very expensive I'm sure, and come with some pretty cool stuff! I would LOVE to hear the source files/master recordings for this table in its lossless glory if they exist anymore.