Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

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Album name: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
Number of Files: 61
Total Filesize: 400.63 MB
Date added: May 28th, 2018
Album type: Game
Released on: Nintendo GameCube   

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  Song Name MP3 FLAC
Agon Wastes 2:41 6.13 MB 10.22 MB
Amorbis Battle 3:54 8.94 MB 21.14 MB
Chykka (Adult) Battle 3:35 8.20 MB 19.93 MB
Chykka (Larva) Battle 5:06 11.69 MB 27.19 MB
Credits 8:43 19.94 MB 42.43 MB
Dark Agon Wastes 2:14 5.10 MB 8.36 MB
Dark Energy Controller 1:14 2.83 MB 4.62 MB
Dark Pirate Commando Battle 2:59 6.81 MB 15.60 MB
Dark Samus 1 & 2 Battle 3:19 7.58 MB 17.57 MB
Dark Samus 3 Battle 2:46 6.34 MB 16.16 MB
Dark Samus Approaching 1:22 3.13 MB 4.47 MB
Dark Torvus Bog 4:32 10.39 MB 15.29 MB
Dark Torvus Bog (Deep) 1:51 4.24 MB 5.82 MB
Dark Trooper Battle 2:20 5.35 MB 10.68 MB
Elevator Theme 1:19 3.03 MB 4.81 MB
Emperor Ing Battle (Phase 1) 4:59 11.42 MB 25.84 MB
Emperor Ing Battle (Phase 2) 4:34 10.47 MB 23.64 MB
Ending (Part 1) 0:45 1.70 MB 2.71 MB
Ending (Part 2 - With SFX) 0:19 0.74 MB 1.59 MB
Ending (Part 2) 0:19 0.72 MB 1.21 MB
Ending (Part 3 - With SFX) 0:55 2.09 MB 4.19 MB
Ending (Part 3) 0:54 2.05 MB 4.04 MB
Ending (Part 4) 0:25 0.95 MB 1.92 MB
Ending (Part 5) 0:23 0.90 MB 1.21 MB
Energy Controller 6:22 14.58 MB 31.25 MB
Energy Controller Restored 1:08 2.61 MB 5.46 MB
Epilogue 0:14 0.52 MB 0.86 MB
Escape From Dark Aether 3:18 7.54 MB 17.86 MB
GFMC Fate Flashback 1:53 4.30 MB 10.18 MB
GFMC Hive Tunnel 4:39 10.65 MB 16.41 MB
Gratitude Of Luminoth Sentinel 0:55 2.09 MB 4.06 MB
Great Temple 1:43 3.93 MB 6.38 MB
Great Temple Introduction 0:15 0.59 MB 0.99 MB
Ing Hive 4:13 9.64 MB 13.91 MB
Item Room 1:52 4.26 MB 6.01 MB
Landing On Aether 0:23 0.88 MB 1.57 MB
Leaving Aether 0:25 0.94 MB 1.70 MB
Leaving Aether (With SFX) 0:26 0.98 MB 1.86 MB
Main Menu 3:03 6.97 MB 15.53 MB
Mission Final-Record Of Samus 2:49 6.45 MB 14.61 MB
Multiplayer Theme 1 - ''Hunters'' 5:41 13.02 MB 32.45 MB
Multiplayer Theme 2 - ''Dark Echoes'' 4:41 10.73 MB 23.20 MB
Multiplayer Theme 3 - ''Frantic Battle'' 2:05 4.76 MB 12.05 MB
Puzzle Theme 3:42 8.46 MB 15.39 MB
Quadraxis Battle 5:39 12.94 MB 31.11 MB
Sanctuary Fortress (Vocal Mix) 7:47 17.82 MB 37.12 MB
Save Station 0:37 1.42 MB 3.03 MB
Sky Temple Grounds 4:13 9.65 MB 13.91 MB
Space Pirates Ambience 1:00 2.28 MB 3.32 MB
Space Pirates Approaching 3:01 6.91 MB 10.20 MB
Space Pirates Battle 4:17 9.80 MB 19.41 MB
Temple Grounds Exterior 6:13 14.23 MB 29.76 MB
Temple Grounds Interior 4:00 9.15 MB 14.83 MB
The Last Stand 0:16 0.62 MB 0.61 MB
The Last Stand (Alternative Mix) 0:16 0.62 MB 0.58 MB
Title Theme 2:05 4.78 MB 6.21 MB
Title Theme (Alternative Mix) 2:05 4.78 MB 6.18 MB
Torvus Bog 8:54 20.37 MB 44.36 MB
Torvus Bog (Underwater) 9:01 20.62 MB 30.71 MB
Warrior Ing Approaching 1:36 3.65 MB 6.43 MB
Warrior Ing Battle 2:45 6.31 MB 11.61 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

It's original and a pleasure to listen to.
It really sounds like the artist took there time and thought out some really classic music.
I would and will listen to this driving in my car.

Go nintendo!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

Not bad, but I still prefer the first Metroid Prime music, and I say this because I played both games.
This one simply lacks something the other had...
Even so it's very good.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

This Soundtrack is yet another addition to an large and great selection of music by Nintendo! This has been said before, but, the first Metroid was easily better in terms of music. Still rocks though :D

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

good music, that's all I've got to say
hasn't left my playlist
you should check metroid prime 3, very good music and the instruments don't sound so fake as in twilight princess

Submitted by razoback
Rating: 8/10

Personally I think all of the soundtracks for all three games are awesome, and this actually did improve over the first, but it lacks the same dark, sinister, lonely feeling you get from the first Metroid Prime.

Submitted by suwako
Rating: 5/10

Awesome video game...awesome soundtrack. I'd give it a 9 out of 10 simply because the 10 would have to go to Prime 1

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

After being slightly underwhelmed by MP3:C in the "omg this song ... is ... amazing" department, Echoes seems to shine all the more. All of it is so very atmospheric, just as Metroid should be.
I can't even explain to you, the twinkle in my eye as I stepped into Sanctuary Fortress for the first time ^_^ ... just wow. Best of the best.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Nintendo dished out all they could on this soundtrack, and it realy sounds like it! I can't stop listening to this! The Torvus Bog one cheers me up after my long day ^.^

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I like all three of the Metroid Prime series soundtracks. MP2 just seems to be darker than the others while MP1 makes you think of the glory the Chozo had before they were gone and also the amount of power Phazon has. Metroid Prime 3 was good in that it was Samus' first game onn the Wii but there were only a few songs on there that I really liked.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Always a pleasure to stand around and get an ass whupping while listening to this music. Makes it worth it.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

It is a pleasure to listen to Echoes's soundtrack. The fact that I can't get past that damn wasp monster is the reason I won't give it a ten.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

I prefer the Watery brinstar theme from super metroid and the drifts from metroid prime echoes is has a nice soundtrack but primes soundtrack is better

Submitted by 13eyond 13irthday
Rating: 10/10

I've always loved metroid music and the second one has the more epic soundtrack. This review is too short

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

great music this type of music is rare, i enjoy ti But... i connot get past the ing in the arena were you use the morph ball to enter. is the reason i am tired fo that track in that area.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Definently the darker of the three primes. I do think the first has has a better selection; however, this one has a select mood that makes you feel the atmosphere of the game, even when you're not playing it. And that even goes for people who have never played the game. You can visualize what may be happening in the game just by listening to the music.

Submitted by theirlosthearts
Rating: 2/10

amazing music but the download page will not come up. i have the same problem with the metroid prime official sound track too and am unable to email the webmaster. as soon as my email is fixed, i will send an error report, but until then, i cannot do anything.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

These soundtracks are amazing! All three Primes are excellent! 10/10

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

great soundtracks to listen too. some of the songs are sort of repetive to other songsthough...

Submitted by Rajaxx
Rating: 10/10

Giving this a 10/10 for certain reasons.

1 . People apparently don't know how to properly rate some thing. If you say you give it a 10/10, then don't select some thing low like 5 on the drop down.

2. I LOVE all the Metroid games, and the Prime series was my favorite, especially for the music. I enjoy more of the music in 2 a lot more than some of it in the first one, but it is still great music regardless.

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