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LeapPad2 Explorer



Year: 2014
Developed by: LeapFrog
Published by: LeapFrog Enterprises

Number of Files: 4
Total Filesize: 16 MB
Date Added: Aug 23rd, 2023
Album type: Soundtrack

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  # Song Name MP3    
1. Art Studio 4:37 1.88 MB get_app
2. Home 4:14 3.69 MB get_app
3. Pet Pad 4:46 4.21 MB get_app
4. Photo Lab 4:22 6.24 MB get_app


The Soundtrack ripped from the LeapPad 2 system.

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11:34 May 29th, 2024Offline

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This music list has made me remember all the memories and fun I had with my leappad 2 and I remembered a game I like on there called Pixar pals. The game where you play as characters from 3 Pixar movies
(Such as Wall.e, toy story, and finding Nemo.) And you just look around their area for keys to unlock doors which take you to certain mini games. But the best part of that is the keys are in doors and the buttons to open them are in impossible places to reach. And only one of the characters can reach it. Like one is behind a strong current Which dory can get past by swimming so hard. And another is a tight space which wall e can turn into cube form to squeeze through. And one is also in a high area which buzz can use his exceptional skills to reach it. Anyways, when you get a key, you go to a corresponding door. And you are on your way to a
Minigame to complete. Like one is where you help dory escort baby sea creatures to their home and dory will forget what the place is. And another is where you help buzz and Woody sort blocks to make a fort. Like buzz and Woody have corresponding blocks needed. And there's one where you help wall.e sort trash and learn about recycling and reuse items. Like trash will appear around and some will fall which you have to avoid and you get a specific genre of trash like compost. Anyways, when you complete a game, you will get a puzzle piece to find back in the area. But sometimes you need to play the game a few more times to unlock the puzzle..or you can find all the collectibles in the area to get a puzzle piece. And when you find all puzzle pieces, you will make a picture of a character in the game. And the reason I want this ost is because in the micro mods. There's one where you get specific backgrounds and music from the different movies and you'll also get extra puzzles to do. But anyways I want to figure out if there's anyone who knows how to hack leapads and get the music for this .