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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- Album

Platforms: PS2, Windows
Year: 2017

Number of Files: 12
Total Filesize: 168 MB (MP3), 404 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Mar 10th, 2019

Download all songs at once: click to download (FLAC+MP3)
  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Dearly Beloved -KINGDOM HEARTS II Ver.- 4:10 9.79 MB 20.98 MB get_app
2. Destati 3:22 7.95 MB 21.51 MB get_app
3. Treasured Memories 4:01 9.44 MB 19.19 MB get_app
4. The World of KINGDOM HEARTS 9:59 23.08 MB 54.86 MB get_app
5. Fate of the Unknown 3:30 8.24 MB 21.93 MB get_app
6. Threats of the Land- KINGDOM HEARTS ​Battle Medley 8:12 18.99 MB 53.13 MB get_app
7. Heroes and Heroines- Characters' Medley 12:32 28.92 MB 66.98 MB get_app
8. Vector to the Heavens 5:46 13.44 MB 29.46 MB get_app
9. Wave of Darkness 3:11 7.54 MB 21.44 MB get_app
10. Daybreak Town- The Heart of χ 4:05 9.57 MB 22.64 MB get_app
11. The Other Promise 5:13 12.19 MB 26.25 MB get_app
12. Let Darkness Assemble- Final Boss Battle ​Medley 7:58 18.48 MB 45.99 MB get_app

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01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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I love it, it's a really good orchestration, very close to the original versions, especially “Destati” and others, and an excellent way with its medleys to remember our adventures around the Kingdom Hearts universe!

The quality is superb as it's losslessly compressed in FLAC, properly tagged and with a good-quality cover. Miss some more hi-res covers, tho.

Thanks a lot!