King of Fighters '97 Arrange Sound Trax

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Album name: King of Fighters '97 Arrange Sound Trax
Number of Files: 12
Total Filesize: 119.24 MB
Date added: Jun 28th, 2017

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Song Name Download Size
01. 4th Fire (Title).mp3 Download 1.94 MB
02. ESAKA FOREVER (Kyo Kusanagi).mp3 Download 8.81 MB
03. Bloody (New Face Team).mp3 Download 10.75 MB
04. Psycho Soldier REMIX'97 (Psycho Soldier Team).mp3 Download 10.70 MB
05. Still Green (Shingo Yabuki).mp3 Download 10.52 MB
06. COOL JAM (Iori Yagami).mp3 Download 12.30 MB
07. CONTROL CRISIS (Small Boss Stage).mp3 Download 10.48 MB
08. Rhythmic Hallucination (Mid Boss Stage).mp3 Download 11.98 MB
09. The Origin Of Mind (Last Boss Stage).mp3 Download 8.85 MB
10. MIRTHLESS (Staff Roll).mp3 Download 13.98 MB
11. Allegory of the Wind (Iori Yagami CD Original).mp3 Download 10.73 MB
12. Choi Bounge Ondo (CD Original).mp3 Download 8.14 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

A very good album indeed, and my favorite in the KOF`s series. It would be nice if you manage to upload the complete album.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Very nice album. I used to listen to it when I was young :)
I'm really happy I could find it on the internet!

Submitted by Louisvader
Rating: 5/10

s es lo que buscaba hace rato Hey! Welcome.. back? And, about the avatar thing. They're updating it, tweaking it, the usual. It should be back up and running soon I guess. That's all I know. Anyways, welcome and.. yea

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

this is all great but i want the blue mary's blues and i dont know where i can find it
i mean the arranged version

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