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Hanashirube - Atelier Series Arrange Vocal Album Feat. Mami Horie Vol.2

Year: 2012

Number of Files: 14
Total Filesize: 118 MB
Date Added: Aug 19th, 2014
Album type: Arrangement

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. The Door for the beginning of my journey ​(Ballad Ver.) 5:33 8.73 MB get_app
2. Mirai wo Shinjite (Jazz Waltz Ver.) 4:12 6.92 MB get_app
3. Time and a Word (Soft Fusion Ver.) 4:43 8.21 MB get_app
4. Tiny Tail (Bossa Nova Ver.) 5:03 10.41 MB get_app
5. Taisetsu na Kotoba (Latin Fusion Ver.) 4:28 7.86 MB get_app
6. Armeria (Jazz Waltz Ver.) 4:00 6.57 MB get_app
7. Sirius (Soft Ballad Ver.) 5:33 9.25 MB get_app
8. Kunpuu no Shoujo (Spanish Latin Fusion ​Ver.) 4:40 8.48 MB get_app
9. celestial ark ('90s Soft Club Music ​Ver.) 4:55 8.98 MB get_app
10. Cloudy ('80s Pop Soul Ver.) 5:53 11.22 MB get_app
11. silent rhyme (Rap Ver.) 5:19 8.48 MB get_app
12. Ayumu Michi (Ballad Ver.) 5:34 8.93 MB get_app
13. Altair ('70s R&B Ver.) 4:49 8.30 MB get_app
14. Hanashirube (Salsa Ver.) 3:20 5.88 MB get_app

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01:15 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Rare files here, everything is the remix of OP/ED theme of many Atelier series.
Even though there are some song that lose the feeling of the original version.

Wou ld wait for the Cadena (Album Vol.1) to be uploaded.