Gundam Wing Operation 2 Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Gundam Wing Operation 2 Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 23
Total Filesize: 50.27 MB
Date added: Nov 21st, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01-cry for the dream (heero).mp3 Download 3.67 MB
02-good luck & good bye (duo).mp3 Download 3.54 MB
03-clown (trowa).mp3 Download 5.10 MB
04-i'm your friend (quatre).mp3 Download 3.56 MB
05-knock at tomorrow's door (wufei).mp3 Download 3.52 MB
06-it's just love! (tv size).mp3 Download 1.11 MB
07-new hope.mp3 Download 1.35 MB
08-true figure of truth.mp3 Download 2.75 MB
09-mission.mp3 Download 1.21 MB
10-soldiers who don't have grave-post.mp3 Download 1.02 MB
11-touched heartstrings.mp3 Download 1.13 MB
12-everyone's thoughts.mp3 Download 2.19 MB
13-invitation from hell.mp3 Download 2.03 MB
14-smoke and bullet rain.mp3 Download 2.64 MB
15-that day was the last day i saw your smile.mp3 Download 1.37 MB
16-i'm happy with only that.mp3 Download 1.19 MB
17-left smell of summer.mp3 Download 2.28 MB
18-like venus melting in the morning.mp3 Download 2.40 MB
19-breakout.mp3 Download 1.10 MB
20-sympathy.mp3 Download 2.36 MB
21-scattering left light.mp3 Download 1.00 MB
22-signs of consciousness.mp3 Download 2.41 MB
23-just communication (tv size).mp3 Download 1.24 MB


Submitted by zdlufktw
Rating: 5/10

the sound track of the gundam wing is great but i want a spceif track, the one which zechs destroys libra infront of heero

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

^ that track is exactly in this disc, it's "True Figure of Truth" I believe

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