Golden Sun - Arrange

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Album name: Golden Sun - Arrange
Number of Files: 7
Total Filesize: 14.93 MB
Date added: Nov 21st, 2006
Released on: Game Boy Advance   

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  Song Name MP3  
battle theme (arranged- by silender) 2:26 2.23 MB get_app
battle theme dark metal 2:30 2.29 MB get_app
battle theme technobeat 2:24 2.20 MB get_app
imil arranged 1:16 1.16 MB get_app
kolima forest arranged 4:55 4.51 MB get_app
sol sanctum arranged 1:30 1.38 MB get_app
suhala orchestrated 1:16 1.16 MB get_app


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Submitted by hades34
Rating: 3/10

These arrangements completely miss the mysterious and melancholy spirit of the original music. The remix of "Sol Sanctum" in particular made me cringe.

Just get the originals, they're much better IMO.

Submitted by portal77
Rating: 8/10

I liked basically all of this.

Kinda different Music of what you ussualy listen in the game.

And most important "the instruments".

Kudos for these tracks.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 1/10

Definitely as hades said.... completely missed the entire series' emotion and depth of powerful melancholic control. This is an almost midi quality "remix" missing the mark by about. ..a mile. Just throwing together the notes played by random instruments isn't 'arranging' anything.

Submitted by Shadowbird
Rating: 2/10

These all sound worse than the originals imo, mainly because of the cheap MIDI instruments used.

Sorry but I don't think these are really good.

Submitted by Phantom Zero
Rating: 6/10

It's alright for what it's worth, but there are some areas that could have been done a little better. The endings of most of the tracks could have been faded out. The Technobeat version of the Battle theme has 'echo-y beeping' that kinda irritates me, but I can deal with it. I do agree that "Sol Sanctum" was cringe inducing, it cuts off without warning.

All in all, not bad, but not the greatest arrangement work.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

sol sanctum would have been much better if they used a flute instead of a sinthetizer.

Submitted by PWNERX
Rating: 4/10

The use of MIDI here is blatantly obvious. I can barely give the guy who made these any credit...

He ll, if I wanted to, I could make some better arrangements.