Goemon's Great Adventure (N64)

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Album name: Goemon's Great Adventure (N64)
Number of Files: 178
Total Filesize: 459.52 MB
Date added: Apr 12th, 2015

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Song Name Download Size
001_SMILE AGAIN.mp3 Download 2.41 MB
002_White Blouse.mp3 Download 1.48 MB
003_The Stolen Summoning Machine (Part 1).mp3 Download 1.27 MB
004_The Stolen Summoning Machine (Part 2).mp3 Download 2.42 MB
005_The Stolen Summoning Machine (Part 3).mp3 Download 2.12 MB
006_Next Chapter.mp3 Download 243.34 KB
007_Adventure Map.mp3 Download 3.59 MB
008_Weird Wiseman.mp3 Download 2.91 MB
009_Taking Care of the Horses.mp3 Download 5.22 MB
010_Getting Wet from the Dew___.mp3 Download 2.17 MB
011_Easy Victory - Get a Way.mp3 Download 195.00 KB
012_Even Dogs get Lost walking in this Town.mp3 Download 3.23 MB
013_Heart Batteries PART II.mp3 Download 2.21 MB
014_Man, This Sucks.mp3 Download 2.33 MB
015_Sweet Tasty Delicious Water.mp3 Download 4.39 MB
016_Don't be Hit by the Bones.mp3 Download 2.65 MB
017_Let's Try the Next One.mp3 Download 3.32 MB
018_The Alarm Bell of Mankind.mp3 Download 4.01 MB
019_Mini-Mission Completed!.mp3 Download 191.52 KB
020_A Pass is Necessary.mp3 Download 1.52 MB
021_Terror at Edo! Impact Possesed!.mp3 Download 2.27 MB
022_Burning My Soul (Part 1).mp3 Download 3.50 MB
023_Burning My Soul (Part 2).mp3 Download 4.18 MB
024_Burning My Soul (Part 3).mp3 Download 1.03 MB
025_The Aloof Soldier.mp3 Download 2.73 MB
026_What is Yours is also Mine.mp3 Download 2.28 MB
027_Bismaru's Ambition.mp3 Download 1.58 MB
028_Double Impact.mp3 Download 3.71 MB
029_He Is Big! Way Too Big!.mp3 Download 3.28 MB
030_To Be Continued.mp3 Download 1.72 MB
031_The Lord of Princess Yuki.mp3 Download 1.29 MB
032_Yes, We Did It!.mp3 Download 267.13 KB
033_Kappa travelling in Roaming Road.mp3 Download 3.73 MB
034_Re-Seeing!.mp3 Download 5.11 MB
035_Frogs, and Frogs again.mp3 Download 2.70 MB
036_Resort Feeling.mp3 Download 2.80 MB
037_The Female Ninja joins the Team.mp3 Download 2.31 MB
038_You Can Explain It with Plasma.mp3 Download 2.59 MB
039_Rival Eternity.mp3 Download 1.75 MB
040_Reason of Love___.mp3 Download 4.86 MB
041_Everyone's born from Water.mp3 Download 4.85 MB
042_Palace of the Sea Goddess, Life on Turtle (Part 1).mp3 Download 4.41 MB
043_Palace of the Sea Goddess, Life on Turtle (Part 2).mp3 Download 4.46 MB
044_Palace of the Sea Goddess, Life on Turtle (Part 3).mp3 Download 4.53 MB
045_The Electromotive Hell.mp3 Download 3.52 MB
046_Welcome to the Nightclub.mp3 Download 2.13 MB
047_A Road difficult to Access.mp3 Download 3.36 MB
048_The Cave Explorers Saw It.mp3 Download 3.55 MB
049_Grotesque Village.mp3 Download 3.24 MB
050_Running the Giant Wheel.mp3 Download 4.43 MB
051_Sanshirou (Part 1).mp3 Download 3.52 MB
052_Sanshirou (Part 2).mp3 Download 3.23 MB
053_Sanshirou (Part 3).mp3 Download 3.76 MB
054_Liquor.mp3 Download 5.06 MB
055_Oni Oni Rendezvous (Hell Mix '99).mp3 Download 1.14 MB
056_Please, Come and Grow.mp3 Download 3.08 MB
057_Milderness in the Air.mp3 Download 4.93 MB
058_Fantastic Seven Revolution, Eighth Happening.mp3 Download 3.39 MB
059_Degree of Difficulty.mp3 Download 4.80 MB
060_Terror for 3,500 Ryo.mp3 Download 3.44 MB
061_Without Relying on the Map.mp3 Download 4.10 MB
062_Underground Paradise (Part 1).mp3 Download 4.55 MB
063_Underground Paradise (Part 2).mp3 Download 4.24 MB
064_Underground Paradise (Part 3).mp3 Download 1.68 MB
065_Shape-Shifting Ninja Cat.mp3 Download 4.75 MB
066_Cloud Stronghold.mp3 Download 2.59 MB
067_Slippery Earth.mp3 Download 3.03 MB
068_It can go Underwater too.mp3 Download 3.50 MB
069_Worldly Town.mp3 Download 3.83 MB
070_Foreboding of Heart-Pounding.mp3 Download 2.98 MB
071_Groan! Rampage of the Wind.mp3 Download 4.14 MB
072_Devil Death God.mp3 Download 5.12 MB
073_God of Devils.mp3 Download 4.44 MB
074_Decisive Battle.mp3 Download 4.22 MB
075_Dochuki's Fate.mp3 Download 2.68 MB
076_The Power of Nice Smell.mp3 Download 314.16 KB
077_Farewell.mp3 Download 2.38 MB
078_It Was Troubling.mp3 Download 1.07 MB
079_The End Comes.mp3 Download 1.39 MB
080_Mischief.mp3 Download 657.84 KB
081_We Did It! The Sky is Sunny Again.mp3 Download 6.79 MB
082_Adventure Map (without Intro).mp3 Download 3.47 MB
083_Man, This Sucks (without Intro).mp3 Download 2.56 MB
084_Man, This Sucks (Mix 1).mp3 Download 2.59 MB
085_Man, This Sucks (Mix 2).mp3 Download 2.59 MB
086_Man, This Sucks (Mix 3).mp3 Download 2.59 MB
087_Man, This Sucks (Mix 4).mp3 Download 2.59 MB
088_The Aloof Soldier (Intro).mp3 Download 451.12 KB
089_The Aloof Soldier (Gorotsuki Intro).mp3 Download 886.50 KB
090_He Is Big! Way Too Big! (Fade-In).mp3 Download 3.06 MB
091_He Is Big! Way Too Big! (without Intro).mp3 Download 2.78 MB
092_Devil Death God (without Intro).mp3 Download 4.46 MB
093_Burning My Soul (with Fire SFX).mp3 Download 3.50 MB
094_Cloud Stronghold (Evening).mp3 Download 1.38 MB
095_Cloud Stronghold (Night).mp3 Download 3.24 MB
096_Without Relying on the Map (Variation).mp3 Download 1.79 MB
097_Without Relying on the Map (Variation).mp3 Download 1.30 MB
098_Without Relying on the Map (Evening).mp3 Download 1.79 MB
099_Sweet Tasty Delicious Water (Evening).mp3 Download 1.25 MB
100_Sweet Tasty Delicious Water (Night).mp3 Download 2.34 MB
101_Even Dogs get Lost walking in this Town (Variation).mp3 Download 1.15 MB
102_Worldly Town (Evening).mp3 Download 1.32 MB
103_Re-Seeing (Evening).mp3 Download 1.17 MB
104_Re-Seeing (Night).mp3 Download 2.79 MB
105_Please, Come and Grow (Evening).mp3 Download 1.39 MB
106_Please, Come and Grow (Night).mp3 Download 3.56 MB
107_Kappa travelling in Roaming Road (Evening).mp3 Download 1.58 MB
108_Kappa travelling in Roaming Road (Night).mp3 Download 2.81 MB
109_The Electromotive Hell (Evening).mp3 Download 1.29 MB
110_The Electromotive Hell (Night).mp3 Download 2.30 MB
111_Taking Care of the Horses (Evening).mp3 Download 1.17 MB
112_Taking Care of the Horses (Night).mp3 Download 2.37 MB
113_A Road difficult to Access (Evening).mp3 Download 1.22 MB
114_A Road difficult to Access (Night).mp3 Download 2.28 MB
115_Milderness in the Air (Evening).mp3 Download 1.24 MB
116_Milderness in the Air (Night).mp3 Download 3.70 MB
117_Reason of Love___ (Evening).mp3 Download 1.27 MB
118_The Alarm Bell of Mankind (Evening).mp3 Download 1.32 MB
119_The Alarm Bell of Mankind (Night).mp3 Download 2.30 MB
120_The Cave Explorers Saw It (Variation).mp3 Download 3.80 MB
121_It can go Underwater too (Evening).mp3 Download 1.16 MB
122_It can go Underwater too (Night).mp3 Download 3.29 MB
123_Running the Giant Wheel (Evening).mp3 Download 1.37 MB
124_Running the Giant Wheel (Night).mp3 Download 2.30 MB
125_Groan! Rampage of the Wind (Evening).mp3 Download 987.81 KB
126_Degree of Difficulty (Evening).mp3 Download 1.31 MB
127_Degree of Difficulty (Night).mp3 Download 3.58 MB
128_Getting Wet from the Dew___ 1.mp3 Download 2.17 MB
129_Getting Wet from the Dew___ 2.mp3 Download 2.18 MB
130_Slippery Earth 1.mp3 Download 3.03 MB
131_Welcome to the Nightclub.mp3 Download 2.13 MB
132_Mafu Night.mp3 Download 2.13 MB
133_Frogs, and Frogs again.mp3 Download 2.71 MB
134_Fantastic Seven Revolution, Eighth Happening (variation).mp3 Download 3.39 MB
135_Slippery Earth 2.mp3 Download 3.03 MB
136_A Pass is Necessary 1.mp3 Download 1.49 MB
137_A Pass is Necessary 2.mp3 Download 1.52 MB
138_A Pass is Necessary 3.mp3 Download 1.51 MB
139_A Pass is Necessary 4.mp3 Download 1.50 MB
140_A Pass is Necessary 5.mp3 Download 1.41 MB
141_A Pass is Necessary 6.mp3 Download 1.47 MB
142_A Pass is Necessary 7.mp3 Download 1.51 MB
143_Everyone's born from Water 1.mp3 Download 3.42 MB
144_Everyone's born from Water 2.mp3 Download 3.56 MB
145_Everyone's born from Water 3.mp3 Download 5.38 MB
146_Underground Paradise (Part 1).mp3 Download 4.41 MB
147_Sanshirou (All 3 Parts).mp3 Download 5.05 MB
148_Even Dogs get Lost walking in this Town (Evening).mp3 Download 1.56 MB
149_Even Dogs get Lost walking in this Town (Evening, Quiet).mp3 Download 1.57 MB
150_Even Dogs get Lost walking in this Town (Night).mp3 Download 2.69 MB
151_Resort Feeling (Variation).mp3 Download 1.34 MB
152_Resort Feeling (Variation 2).mp3 Download 1.32 MB
153_Resort Feeling (Night).mp3 Download 2.94 MB
154_Resort Feeling (Night to Morning).mp3 Download 1018.92 KB
155_Grotesque Village (Variation).mp3 Download 1.24 MB
156_Grotesque Village (Night to Morning).mp3 Download 1.25 MB
157_Grotesque Village (Variation 2).mp3 Download 1.48 MB
158_Grotesque Village (Night).mp3 Download 3.13 MB
159_Terror for 3,500 Ryo (Variation).mp3 Download 1.22 MB
160_Terror for 3,500 Ryo (Evening).mp3 Download 1.77 MB
161_Terror for 3,500 Ryo (Night to Morning).mp3 Download 1.74 MB
162_Terror for 3,500 Ryo (Night).mp3 Download 2.89 MB
163_Worldly Town (Night).mp3 Download 3.60 MB
164_Worldly Town (Night to Morning).mp3 Download 1.47 MB
165_Worldly Town (Night to Morning 2).mp3 Download 1.19 MB
166_Without Relying on the Map (Night).mp3 Download 3.91 MB
167_Conversation.mp3 Download 1.41 MB
168_Conversation ~ Suzuku Appears.mp3 Download 2.64 MB
169_Dochuki in Dream Castle.mp3 Download 3.09 MB
170_Gold Room Inn.mp3 Download 943.59 KB
171_Theme Room Inn.mp3 Download 1.03 MB
172_Heart Batteries PART II (without Intro).mp3 Download 1.97 MB
173_The Female Ninja joins the Team (without Intro).mp3 Download 2.05 MB
174_Groan! Rampage of the Wind (Night).mp3 Download 3.23 MB
175_Fantastic Seven Revolution, Eighth Happening (variation).mp3 Download 3.39 MB
176_SFX Goemon and Ebisumaru.mp3 Download 3.35 MB
177_SFX Impact Appears.mp3 Download 230.15 KB
178_SFX Teleporter House.mp3 Download 1.62 MB


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