Ganbare Goemon - Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase Nabe-Bugyou! (GBC)

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Album name: Ganbare Goemon - Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase Nabe-Bugyou! (GBC)
Number of Files: 62
Total Filesize: 55.81 MB
Date added: Sep 1st, 2015

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Song Name Download Size
01_Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase! (Intro).mp3 Download 363.85 KB
02_Title Screen.mp3 Download 400.44 KB
03_File Select & Monster Guardian's Menu.mp3 Download 477.52 KB
04_The Gathering at Omitsu's Teahouse (From GG 5).mp3 Download 1.19 MB
05_Peaceful Edo Town (Goemon's Theme, From GG 5).mp3 Download 1.74 MB
06_Teahouse & Item Storage Theme (From GG 3).mp3 Download 676.15 KB
07_Shop & Home Theme (Futuristic Shop, From GG 3).mp3 Download 886.07 KB
08_Countryside Inn (Main Menu, From GG Gaiden 1).mp3 Download 842.27 KB
09_Mystical Japan ~ Overworld Map (From GG 4).mp3 Download 830.12 KB
10_Kai Highway (Road to Mt_ Fuji, From GG 5).mp3 Download 1.94 MB
11_Battle Encounter Intro.mp3 Download 24.31 KB
12_Battle Encounter 1! (Run Faster!, From GG 3).mp3 Download 1.02 MB
13_Successful Outcome! (Monster Defeated).mp3 Download 35.46 KB
14_Getting Stronger! (Level Up Fanfare).mp3 Download 393.28 KB
15_Battle Encounter 2! (Wind Castle Wall, From GGA).mp3 Download 1.25 MB
16_Stone Shrine at Mt_ Fuji (Tragedy, From GG 3).mp3 Download 1.79 MB
17_Deadly Encounter with the Mysterious Trio!.mp3 Download 725.02 KB
18_Strike a Pose ~ Mysterious Trio's Themesong!.mp3 Download 84.15 KB
19_The Trio's Bold Standoff (Boss Intro).mp3 Download 1.25 MB
20_Boss Attack! Intro.mp3 Download 48.45 KB
21_Boss Attack! (Impact Battle, From GG 5).mp3 Download 1.10 MB
22_Our Kidnapped Castle___ (Folkypoke I, From GG 5).mp3 Download 1.14 MB
23_Monster Guardian's Temple (From GG Gaiden 2).mp3 Download 1.09 MB
24_Goemon's Fanfare! (Item Get, From GG 5).mp3 Download 65.98 KB
25_Kegon Region (Sogen Village, From GG 5).mp3 Download 2.46 MB
26_Battle Encounter 3! (Racing Robot, From GG 4).mp3 Download 492.77 KB
27_Battle Encounter 4! (Impact Battle, From GG 3).mp3 Download 1.44 MB
28_Battle Encounter 5! (Impact Battle, From GG 2).mp3 Download 1.16 MB
29_Dreadful Fear at the Dungeon Entrace!.mp3 Download 78.71 KB
30_Tower of Wind, Maze of Warps & The Secret Dojo.mp3 Download 948.16 KB
31_Dungeon Battle Intro (Whoops, From GG 3).mp3 Download 930.45 KB
32_Big Boss Attack!! (Balbera Battle, From GG 5).mp3 Download 1.25 MB
33_Northern Town (Princess Yuki, From GG 5).mp3 Download 1.29 MB
34_Sinking Galleon & Inferno Field (From GG 5).mp3 Download 2.12 MB
35_Snowbound Festival Village.mp3 Download 1.23 MB
36_Triplet Trouble.mp3 Download 250.60 KB
37_Mount Fear & Undersea Spring Maze (From GG 4).mp3 Download 1.09 MB
38_Barren Wastes___Outside the Labyrinth of Ice.mp3 Download 289.41 KB
39_The Labyrinth of Ice & The Crypt of Nature.mp3 Download 550.76 KB
40_Goemon Impact Hyperbeam Cannon! Intro.mp3 Download 41.08 KB
41_Goemon Impact Hyperbeam Cannon!.mp3 Download 631.02 KB
42_A Day at the Husky Races! (Minigame, From GG2).mp3 Download 734.00 KB
43_Port Town (Forest Moon Town, From GG 4).mp3 Download 1.68 MB
44_The Shrine of Water & The Temple of Fire.mp3 Download 978.01 KB
45_The Hidden Village (Desert Moon, From GG 4).mp3 Download 1.86 MB
46_Tropical Island Village (Vacation Intro, From GG 2).mp3 Download 1.41 MB
47_Corridor of the Great Tree (Warp Maze Intro).mp3 Download 245.66 KB
48_The Secret of the Secret Dojo___ (EX Area Intro).mp3 Download 486.87 KB
49_EX Area! Dojo Battle Tower! (Ice Fort, From GG4).mp3 Download 1.38 MB
50_VS Imari & Miroku! (Ninja Trio Tower Battles).mp3 Download 639.67 KB
51_Final Battle Embarrasment! VS Sigura!.mp3 Download 937.39 KB
52_True Final Battle! VS The Great Blue Devil!.mp3 Download 2.31 MB
53_Hypnotic Dance of the Blue Devil! (Ending).mp3 Download 691.47 KB
54_EX Final Battle! VS Naked Dojo Demon! (GG3).mp3 Download 1.02 MB
55_The Sky is Sunny and So is Japan! (Staff Roll).mp3 Download 1.86 MB
56_Terrible Defeat! (Losing in Battle).mp3 Download 59.12 KB
57_Oni Oni Rendezvous, GBC Mix! (Game Over).mp3 Download 625.62 KB
58_Unknown Song 1.mp3 Download 2.23 MB
59_Unknown Song 2.mp3 Download 1.07 MB
60_Getting Stronger! (Level Up Fanfare) Intro.mp3 Download 92.68 KB
61_Unknown Jingle 1.mp3 Download 53.24 KB
62_Unknown Jingle 2.mp3 Download 45.75 KB


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