F-Zero (1990) (SNES)

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Album name: F-Zero (1990) (SNES)
Number of Files: 17
Total Filesize: 42.73 MB
Date added: Aug 13th, 2019
Released on: Nintendo SNES   

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Opening Theme 0:30 0.92 MB 2.03 MB get_app
2. Big Blue 2:08 3.38 MB 9.55 MB get_app
3. Red Canyon 2:07 4.07 MB 9.90 MB get_app
4. Fire Field 2:58 4.69 MB 12.18 MB get_app
5. Silence 1:23 2.61 MB 6.08 MB get_app
6. White Land I 1:48 3.12 MB 7.74 MB get_app
7. White Land II 1:38 2.87 MB 7.57 MB get_app
8. Port Town 2:11 3.88 MB 8.89 MB get_app
9. Select Time Theme 0:31 0.82 MB 1.23 MB get_app
10. Mute City 1:50 3.12 MB 7.62 MB get_app
11. Sand Ocean 2:02 3.83 MB 8.75 MB get_app
12. Death Wind 2:02 3.67 MB 8.92 MB get_app
13. Death Wind (No SFX) 2:02 3.66 MB 8.74 MB get_app
14. Ending Theme 1:03 1.83 MB 5.05 MB get_app
15. Zoom 0:06 0.12 MB 0.25 MB get_app
16. Start 0:06 0.06 MB 0.10 MB get_app
17. Lost Life 0:05 0.08 MB 0.18 MB get_app


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Submitted by imjohnchow
Rating: 10/10

This was done by members of Weather Report and friends. I have to say it's some of the best and hard-to-find music out there! If you enjoy Classic Rock or Jazz, get this Album!

Submitted by boon101
Rating: 2/10

These are the "arranged" versions... not the original versions ripped directly from the SNES game. They are excellent tracks, but I already have them. If you're looking for the original SNES rip of F-Zero, this isn't it!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

i have always loved video games, and always will! but what if i didn't have the time to go play my super nintendo, genesis, or what if my old beggar of a console was broken down? well, i can just listen to the soundtrack!!!

Submitted by iorchegame
Rating: 5/10

nintendo, genesis, or what if my old beggar of a console was broken down? well, i can just listen to the soundtrack!!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

i'm digging these tunes not the ones i was looking for but you best believe i'm getting these to major probs to the producer love the jazzy theme. Also anyone else get a Bill Cosby vibe from these tracks? xD

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Not the original soundtrack, but a fusion arrangement in the style of '80s weather report or the yellowjackets. In fact, in some of the tracks you can find musicians who played on these bands such as robben ford, marc russo (from the yellowjackets), alex acuña and alphonso johnson (from weather report). You can even listen to this songs without being a fan of f-zero, or even videogames. This doesn't feel rushed or lazy like other video game music albums. A great album for music lovers in general.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

Above comments are no longer true, the album now features the original SNES soundtrack of F-Zero.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

It's f zero. Why can t it be good

Submitted by tevine_musgrove
Rating: 10/10

I like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the n64 version of: f-zero 64.

Submitted by meh
Rating: 10/10


these are rom rips from the original game.
the "arranged" versions, are in the style of F-Zero GX