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enigmaticLIA 4 -Anthemical Keyworlds-

Year: 2011
Catalog Number: QLC-00001

Number of Files: 11
Total Filesize: 129 MB (MP3), 466 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Apr 7th, 2020

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. My Soul, Your Beats! (TeddyLoid Remix) 5:46 11.28 MB 43.84 MB get_app
2. Saya's Song (ALR Remix) 6:22 11.94 MB 42.19 MB get_app
3. Last regrets 彩菜&LIA duo ver. ​(Satsuki Ga Tenkomori's be vivid mix) 5:31 10.43 MB 39.32 MB get_app
4. 時を刻む唄 (Clockwork Remix) 4:51 9.09 MB 28.82 MB get_app
5. 夏影 ~Cornwall summer mix~ (far ​away mix) 7:41 14.78 MB 49.79 MB get_app
6. 小さな手のひら (Chouchou Remix) 4:52 9.33 MB 37.95 MB get_app
7. Life is like a Melody (tofubeats remix) 6:37 12.47 MB 39.87 MB get_app
8. Little Busters! -Ecstacy Ver.- (Punk ​Dirty Channel Style) 4:27 8.76 MB 31.23 MB get_app
9. 青空 (Caramel Pod Remix) 6:18 11.57 MB 49.25 MB get_app
10. My Soul, Your Beats! (Rasmus Faber ​Remix) 7:47 15.33 MB 55.25 MB get_app
11. Anthemical Keyworlds TAM's Violin×Piano ​Non-Stop 7:37 14.36 MB 48.18 MB get_app

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