Dracula Battle Perfect Selection Volume 2

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Album name: Dracula Battle Perfect Selection Volume 2
Number of Files: 10
Total Filesize: 72.83 MB
Date added: Nov 20th, 2006
Album type: Game

A collection of the best tracks from various Castlevania games set to a hard rock theme.

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Song Name Download Size
01 - beginning.mp3 Download 6.59 MB
02 - theme of simon.mp3 Download 6.22 MB
03 - road of enemy.mp3 Download 8.32 MB
04 - den.mp3 Download 7.45 MB
05 - theme from the legend of dracula.mp3 Download 4.99 MB
06 - in the castle.mp3 Download 6.92 MB
07 - thrashard in the cave.mp3 Download 8.14 MB
08 - reincarnated soul.mp3 Download 6.52 MB
09 - iron blue intention.mp3 Download 9.73 MB
10 - illusionary dance.mp3 Download 7.90 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

I have to wonder if Naoto Shibata is related to Tetsuya Shibata in some way or another, because the usage of metal to a demon-slaying themed game makes me wonder if that kind of a connection is possible. Still, this is a great soundtrack, with a couple hit-and-miss parts to it.

I don't find myself as attracted to this one as I do the first one, because the tempo, while given power by metal on Castlevania, is a little slower than the Castlevania tracks that I'm used to. It's not a problem, but a matter of personal taste. Others might not consider this a pet peeve at all.

I recommend both this and the first soundtrack quite highly if you like Castlevania to a genre remix.

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