Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack 1

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Album name: Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack 1
Number of Files: 17
Total Filesize: 62.39 MB
Date added: Nov 18th, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01 tank !.mp3 Download 4.02 MB
02 rush.mp3 Download 4.10 MB
03 spokey dokey.mp3 Download 4.69 MB
04 bad dog no biscuits.mp3 Download 4.79 MB
05 cat blues.mp3 Download 3.00 MB
06 cosmos.mp3 Download 1.84 MB
07 space lion.mp3 Download 8.24 MB
08 waltz for zizi.mp3 Download 4.03 MB
09 piano black.mp3 Download 3.22 MB
10 pot city.mp3 Download 2.57 MB
11 too good too bad.mp3 Download 2.97 MB
12 car24.mp3 Download 3.26 MB
13 the egg and i.mp3 Download 3.12 MB
14 felt tip pen.mp3 Download 3.05 MB
15 rain.mp3 Download 4.67 MB
16 digging my potato.mp3 Download 2.69 MB
17 memory.mp3 Download 1.71 MB


Submitted by Docss
Rating: 10/10

If there is ever a musician that defines an anime, that defined the face of animation, Yoko Kanno and Cowboy Bebop are it. Kanno and her band, The Seatbelts display how a soundtrack should make a story in this incredible display of musical dexterity and composition. To put it mildly, the music that set the moods of this great anime all bottled into these OST's make you relive the excitement of the show, or if you haven't had the fortune to see it, the music should pique some interest.

From it's jazzy, up-tempo fluidity of the horns in "Rush", to the calming tenor saxophone solo backed by Native American vocals of "Space Lion", Cowboy Bebop takes hold of your soul, and never let's go. "Piano Black's" chaotic, yet controlled style defines the episode, "Honky Tonk Women", while "Rain" (the male version, Steve Conte) reminds us of the John Woo esque scene when Spike has a legendary reunion with Vicious in the episode "Ballad Of Fallen Angels".

Not enough words can describe this album, and the best is that there is more to come!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Can anybody tell me what the spooky song that plays when he fights the clown at the amusement park is called.

Submitted by medway
Rating: 5/10

I think what Guest means is, 'If ever there was music and story that SHOULD define anime, Yoko Kanno and Cowboy Bebop are it.'

Unfortunately, the truth is far from it.

At the risk of using a cliche anime phrase, 'Please put some effort forth.'!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

The anime is superb, and the soundtrack is one of the causes.

Submitted by Glaucus
Rating: 9/10

I think what medway means is "don't listen to me, I don't give reason for my implied heavy criticism."
Se riously. You just look like a dick out to stir the pot.

Thank you for your actual review, Docss.

Submitted by papamoon007
Rating: 5/10

thank you for upload this music

Submitted by Joshi87
Rating: 10/10

I Love the anime and the music, thanks

I give this album a rating of
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