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Camp California (TurboGrafx CD)


Platforms: TurboGrafx-16
Year: 1993
Developed by: ICOM Simulations
Published by: Turbo Technologies

Number of Files: 14
Total Filesize: 53 MB
Date Added: Mar 9th, 2022
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3    
1. Camp California Theme Song (Title Screen) 1:13 1.51 MB get_app
2. Beach, Cave, and Escape From Planet Cheese 3:20 4.94 MB get_app
3. Pyramid and Onward To The Castle 2:45 4.09 MB get_app
4. Six Ratz Amusement Park and Nuclear Area 3:03 4.62 MB get_app
5. Shopping Mall 2:45 4.12 MB get_app
6. Big Cheese_s Office and The City Dump For Vechicles 3:42 5.55 MB get_app
7. The City and Swimming Through A Pirate Ship 2:46 3.90 MB get_app
8. Planet Cheese and The Ocean 2:40 4.02 MB get_app
9. Inside Of A Whale and Space Station 2:45 4.02 MB get_app
10. The Tunnels To Big Cheese_s Hideout and The Mountains 2:36 3.70 MB get_app
11. It_s The Punk Ratz (Boss Stage) 3:00 4.20 MB get_app
12. I Get Around (World Map) 2:09 1.99 MB get_app
13. Good Vibrations (Select Your Character Dude) 3:37 4.25 MB get_app
14. Fun, Fun, Fun (Results and Ending) 2:17 2.14 MB get_app

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02:45 Dec 2nd, 2023Online

comment graphic

This is a bizarre find. This game straight up has Beach Boys for the last three tracks. In fact, all the music (except save maybe the intro?) appears to be stock 90s network music. To quote a user named codeman38 on youtube:

So, I decided to track down all of the stock music tracks from this game, because hey, why not. All of these are from the Network Music label, as mentioned in a prior comment. (As an aside, all of these albums are for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play! Search for "Network Music" + the album title.)

* NM011 After School Rock! - All six tracks from this album are used in the game! If it's not one of the levels mentioned below, it's from this.
* NM097 Bringin' Down the House - Track 9, "Head Banger", is the hard-rock tune that's essentially used as a boss theme.
* NM085 Good Morning USA - Track 5, "Give and Take", is used in the snow and pipe levels.
* NM055 Pushin' It! - Track 2, "Street Wise", is used underwater and on the moon.
* NM035 Funky Grooves - Track 6, "Hot Stuff", is used inside the whale and on the spaceship.

There's more info about this elsewhere online, but apparently the Beach Boys were trying to branch into the kids industry in the early 90s and this was an official attempt to introduce kids to their songs. However, this game failed and they scrapped other elements of multimedia by which they were going to introduce kids to their music. Oh well.

For the rating, the stock music is all of pretty good quality, with some nice jazz and you can't go wrong with the Beach Boys (nor can you give them anything less than a 10). On the whole, I'd say it's probably a 9/10 for the quality of the music? But it's not really game music in its own right....

Aside from Beach Boys, my personal favorites are: Six Ratz, Big Cheese_s, The Tunnels to Big Chees_s.