Bloody Roar 3 Soundtrack

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Album name: Bloody Roar 3 Soundtrack
Number of Files: 35
Total Filesize: 80.06 MB
Date added: Nov 12th, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01-into the battlefield.mp3 Download 3.08 MB
02-wild consultation.mp3 Download 1.06 MB
03-no remorse.mp3 Download 1.00 MB
04-dangerous expectation.mp3 Download 3.09 MB
05-dead or alive.mp3 Download 146.73 KB
06-dino museum.mp3 Download 2.07 MB
07-underground falls.mp3 Download 2.51 MB
08-freezing space.mp3 Download 1.97 MB
09-sea fortress.mp3 Download 3.11 MB
10-midnight city.mp3 Download 2.72 MB
11-silent temple.mp3 Download 2.27 MB
12-slum street.mp3 Download 2.88 MB
13-mystery relics.mp3 Download 3.13 MB
14-beast legacy.mp3 Download 2.88 MB
15-might of nature.mp3 Download 160.97 KB
16-painful memories.mp3 Download 2.65 MB
17-love and hate.mp3 Download 3.67 MB
18-the breaker.mp3 Download 112.88 KB
19-unfulfilled desires.mp3 Download 166.40 KB
20-countdown to extinction.mp3 Download 623.87 KB
21-earth of despair.mp3 Download 414.91 KB
22-brief repose.mp3 Download 1.68 MB
23-bringer of the new age.mp3 Download 1.97 MB
24-no one can stop me.mp3 Download 2.93 MB
25-this one's for you.mp3 Download 3.32 MB
26-heavenly.mp3 Download 3.18 MB
27-nap time.mp3 Download 2.95 MB
28-scourge of the night.mp3 Download 2.93 MB
29-ready.mp3 Download 2.84 MB
30-no joke.mp3 Download 2.66 MB
31-want some more.mp3 Download 3.31 MB
32-it's my turn now.mp3 Download 2.50 MB
33-while you still can.mp3 Download 3.02 MB
34-you're dead.mp3 Download 2.99 MB
35-lust in peace.mp3 Download 3.95 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

how come there's no arcade tracks to bloody roar 2. is there a bloody raor 2 tracks that are arcade cause i only found the soundtrack somewhere.

Submitted by Opato
Rating: 10/10

you douchebag.. that is completely irrelevant to the quality of this album. I say it's good music. If you want them to add a specific album then write the moderators a bloody request, baka.

Submitted by temujin
Rating: 5/10

For bloody roar two, there are two different soundtracks. The game lets you choose to either listen to the arcade soundtrack or the console soundtrack. I prefer the arcade one more, mainly. Its too bad neither of the soundtracks are available for bloody roar 2 here.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Exactly :( wish there was bloody roar 2 soundtrack.. if any1 finds plz post link.. especially want aquarium (arcade).

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

While searching for the LEGENDARY BLOODY ROAR 2 OST, I ended up on a forum and someone gave an information that the BLOODY ROAR 2 soundtrack was included in the BLOODY ROAR 3 OST. But still, after years of searching, I ended up with nothing. Well, I'm still searching for that LEGENDARY HARD-ROCK BLOODY ROAR 2 OST, any information, please contact me..

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