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Castlevania (Akumajo Dracula) Dracula ~Music Collection~

Platforms: Arcade, GB, Genesis / Mega Drive, MSX, N64, NES, SNES, X68000
Year: 1997

Number of Files: 16
Total Filesize: 101 MB
Date Added: Nov 10th, 2006

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. fc-disc edition ''akumajo dracula'' 6:29 8.91 MB get_app
2. msx edition ''akumajo dracula'' 1:34 2.15 MB get_app
3. fc-disc edition ''dracula 2 ​~the accursed seal~'' 6:00 8.25 MB get_app
4. gb edition ''dracula densetsu'' 3:53 5.32 MB get_app
5. fc edition ''akumajo densetsu'' 5:11 7.11 MB get_app
6. fc edition ''akumajo special ​dracula-kun'' 3:56 5.41 MB get_app
7. gb edition ''dracula densetsu 2'' 4:18 5.91 MB get_app
8. sfc edition ''akumajo dracula'' 7:47 10.70 MB get_app
9. gb edition ''akumajo special ​dracula-kun'' 2:57 4.04 MB get_app
10. fc edition ''akumajo dracula'' 5:19 7.30 MB get_app
11. x68000 edition ''akumajo dracula'' 5:25 7.45 MB get_app
12. pce edition ''akumajo dracula ​x ~rondo of blood~'' 3:28 4.76 MB get_app
13. md edition ''vampire killer'' 6:36 9.07 MB get_app
14. sfc edition ''akumajo dracula xx'' 3:18 4.54 MB get_app
15. arcade edition ''akumajo dracula'' 3:55 5.39 MB get_app
16. sfc edition ''akumajo dracula ​~arranged version~'' 3:23 4.64 MB get_app

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