Ace Combat 2

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Album name: Ace Combat 2
Number of Files: 42
Total Filesize: 194.09 MB
Date added: Dec 16th, 2015
Album type: Game

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Song Name Download Size
1-01-Title.mp3 Download 624.72 KB
1-02-Lightning Speed.mp3 Download 2.30 MB
1-03-Dystopia.mp3 Download 2.06 MB
1-04-Invoke.mp3 Download 2.70 MB
1-05-Briefing.mp3 Download 4.05 MB
1-06-Lode Stone.mp3 Download 3.16 MB
1-07-Aim High.mp3 Download 3.78 MB
1-08-El Dorado.mp3 Download 7.19 MB
1-09-Fire Away.mp3 Download 5.45 MB
1-10-Bear Tracks.mp3 Download 6.48 MB
1-11-Rising High.mp3 Download 3.10 MB
1-12-On The Sly.mp3 Download 6.37 MB
1-13-Dead End.mp3 Download 4.65 MB
1-14-Blow Away.mp3 Download 3.15 MB
1-15-Warning Line.mp3 Download 4.97 MB
1-16-Melt Down.mp3 Download 6.42 MB
1-17-Fire Youngman.mp3 Download 5.44 MB
1-18-Elemental Particle.mp3 Download 7.57 MB
1-19-Aerial Hawk.mp3 Download 6.66 MB
1-20-Into The GEO.mp3 Download 4.86 MB
1-21-Night And Day.mp3 Download 5.45 MB
1-22-Sunset Glow.mp3 Download 6.30 MB
1-23-Dynapolis.mp3 Download 4.40 MB
1-24-Complection.mp3 Download 307.63 KB
1-25-Failure.mp3 Download 244.23 KB
1-26-A Fresh Youngster.mp3 Download 2.60 MB
1-27-Hanger.mp3 Download 3.14 MB
1-28-Ending Atract (Normal).mp3 Download 1.02 MB
1-29-Ending Atract (Extra).mp3 Download 1.05 MB
1-30-Normal Ending.mp3 Download 3.38 MB
1-31-Extra Ending.mp3 Download 4.53 MB
2-01-Invitation to ACE COMBAT 2.mp3 Download 10.53 MB
2-02-Night Butterfly.mp3 Download 10.60 MB
2-03-A.C.Revolution.mp3 Download 9.99 MB
2-04-Hawaii Travel.mp3 Download 634.64 KB
2-05-Metropolitan.mp3 Download 5.40 MB
2-06-Linkage (Sky mix).mp3 Download 3.82 MB
2-07-Tokyo.mp3 Download 4.26 MB
2-08-Riding on Hope.mp3 Download 7.69 MB
2-09-Conflict.mp3 Download 4.48 MB
2-10-Call.mp3 Download 6.25 MB
2-11-Footsteps in the Night Sky.mp3 Download 6.88 MB


Submitted by dcoodvnopya
Rating: 10/10

Magnific. The best OST i have ever heard, i think that is better than the other ACE Combat Soundtracks

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

me encanta esta banda sonora de ace combat 2, alguien me podría decir donde podría encontrar las notas o acordes de esta musica y sus punteos? me re gusta!!!!

Submitted by ecampos
Rating: 10/10

Excellent! Pure Dynamite! High Energy,pop,rock,
electronics music live forever! Returns to 80'S experience. The music continious avantgarde and live nowadays and for the next decades.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Very good, since i've played ace c.2 i've been looking for the soundtrack, well done with the work and keep it up. if you can put wing over soundtrack too, it would be nice, if its not too much to ask for:P

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Wow... Epic songs from an epic game I played when I was around 8, and still enjoy it now! To bad my game disk doesn't work anymore... But thank you very much for this upload!
My personal favorites are Lode Stone, Rising High and Warning Line ;)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

thanks this is great ive been looking for ages for this but i wish there was a .zip version so i could download faster but then again who cares!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

tricolore crise soundtracks please

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Thank you very much !!! Great soundtracks !!!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Thank you It bring back lots of memories. AC2 most awesome Air-Combat i ever played

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

This soundtrack brings back so many memories of shooting down enemy aces love the soundtrack and i even play it while playing other games because it suits so well

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I can't say more..Thanks anyway

Submitted by biohazardmike
Rating: 10/10

Awesome soundtrack. Kinda reminds me of TopGun.

Submitted by AlexMG12
Rating: 5/10

One of the best soundtrack of Playstation

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