Persona4 Original Soundtrack (2008)

Best OST of all time. With every beat beat I feel happiness surging through me. If you haven't played any Persona game your missing out on a LOT.
With the likes of a new day, heartbeat, heartbreak, your affection and many more. this ost has nostalgia written allover it for prevoius players of Persona 4 which are still loved and played .wether it be Persona 4 or Persona 4 golden. new and old players will love this.
Awesome soundtrack. I love the Persona series.

I always thought Disc 2 Track 4 was Heartbreak at first. Now I know it's heartbeat. Lol
Great Soundtrack,over all conveys the games them very nicely. Each track stands on it own with their great composition. The vocals are engrish as all hell but adequate. Not much is wrong, its all a matter of taste for this one.
Persona 4 is one of the best soundtracks out there, maybe reaching up to the category where Symphony of the Night will forever be. Harmony is at full expresion here, rhythms are catchy and is something you will be humming them along... though maybe you'll end up forgetting about them after a while you'll come back to hear them again.
Well, the music is awesome, but the only problem I had with this was that the names of the Japanese tracks either were turned into gibberish or the uploader's computer just gave up after the track number and decided to not put anything after the hyphen.
my favorites:

T he Almighty, Heartbeat,Heart beat, Reach Out To The Truth (First Battle),Secret Base,I'll Face Myself, I'll Face Myself -Battle, Heaven, The Path is Open,The Fog, The Genesis.