Mega Man Zero (GBA) (gamerip) (2002)

Mega Man Zero's Soundtrack Is Amazingly Great! The Game Itself Is The Least Best of The 4 Zero Games (To me). because Of 2 Flaws.
1.RetryChips:RetryChips Were First Introduced In this Game & My God Do They Suck. Instead Of Lives Giving You Chances To Beat The Stage. RetryChips Aren't Like That. If You Run Out Of RetryChips & Give Up, The Mission Will Be A Failure & You Can't Play The Level Again Unless You Load Your Save File & Try Again. Unlike Mega Man X8 Where You Can Buy RetryChips, In Mega Man Zero 1 You Can't Do That, But Thankfully The Factory Missions Have 2 Lives So That's A Good Grind Spot.
2.Grinding:Oh Boy... If You thought Castlevania II Simon's Quest Was Bad When it Comes to Grinding, Mega Man Zero 1 Is Much Worst. When You Start The Game, You Only Have 1 Slash Of the Combo & You Have To Grind To Max Your Weapon. This Wouldn't Be A Problem If It Didn't Require So Much. It Wouldn't Be Such A Huge Problem If You least Had The Combo When You start. In Mega Man Zero, Instead Of Finding Sub Tanks Or Heart Tanks, You Find Cyber elves & That Is where you Get Sub Tanks & Health Upgrades From. But, they Require A Crap Load Of Energy Crystals. (Small Energy Crystals Are Worth 4 While The Big Ones Are Worth 16). Health Upgrades Require 750 Energy Crystals & The Sub Tanks Require 1200. If You Want The Double Health Bar, You'll Need 3,000 ENERGY CRYSTALS!
By The Way, Unlike The Classic & The X Series, bosses Have 2 Or Sometimes 3 Health Bars. That Sounds Like A Lot but It Isn't Because With The Element Chips, They Take A Lot Of Damage. You Can Also Charge Your Z Saber & Slash While Dashing. Despite Those 2 Flaws, I Still Consider Mega Man Zero to be A Great Game.
Consider This A Mini review until I Make A Full Review On The Zero/ZX Games.
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