Digimon 1-02-Tamers Songs

Digimon OST is always nice....^^
Only one thing is missing, which is the soundtrack.
This album only consist of Songs but no Sound Tracks.....
Well, but still it is consider very nice d..
Finally! I really love this site! I search for Butterfly in every site but they're soooooooo annoying because I couldnt download and this site! *kisses* I will love this site forever!
2nd ending of DIGIMON ADVENTURE "Keep on" by Ai Maede
2nd ending of DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02 "Itsumo Itsudemo" by Ai Maeda
2nd ending of DIGIMON Tamers "Days-Aijou to Nichijou-" by Ai Maeda
1st ending of DIGIMON Frontier

but useful compilation nonetheless
I LIKE every digimon adventure song...and how I wish "Hitoribocchi no Seesaw" was there...if there is someone...please do!!!

"Hitoribocchi no Seesaw" by the Teenage Wolves...
additional: "Tobira" by The Teenage Wolves...
How I love Ishida Yamato and his Cloud-ish hair forever.
You should but the songs from Digimon Savers like both of the openings there really good please put them i can't find them in any other site. Since its is digimon you should get all the song besides you need a better rank. I think that people will download since the show Digimon Savers is too dawn good watch in on youtube to find out how good it really is. You need this o come on I'm actully putting a post here. You should give me something back here.
oh....digimon is one of the cinema which I very take a fancy to, because its story road;street which so draw and exclaim to in look oning. as well as me very is taking a fancy to of its song
digimon is a cinema who have much dream.i very like digimon cause that.they song is the best to.i hope digimon is never gone forever.i will love and love digimon.thanks!

my favorite's song is 'OPENING/TARGET'
These are great, I'm going to put these songs on my iPod just so I could listen to then all day, it's just the kind of thing that I would do. You should also try to get the Digimon songs from the other seasons as well, they'd be as big a hit as this one!
Finally I download 'butterfly' unlike the other frikin websites ...."download for 2.99$ and listen" damn the other websites can't even compare with this website!
Great - everything is here, except the music only soundtrack. I think that after the 1st season of Digimon the TV is getting worse as the storyline is too complex from one and another.
digimon songs are all nice nice nice...
i love them all so much much much
i really love "break up" ...
and wada kouji works are great great great
and also miyazaki ayumi and ai maeda ..
thank you!
Digimon songs are fantastic,eventhough i cannot understand Japanese.the songs the biggest dreamer,butterfly,target are the best among the songs that i have listened so far.thanks to this site for the free downloads
Digimon songs are fantastic,eventhough I cannot understand Japanese.The songs The Biggest Dreamer,Butterfly,Target,Fire are the best among the songs that I have listened so far.Thanks to this site for the free downloads.
I want share song of Digimon Adventure 3

Thanks for before I have all song of Digimon series.I want find Soundtracks digimon adventure 3 about game series that.

I hope you can help me again!!!