3DS Background Music

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Some good songs, but I was looking for Streetpass Mii Plaza theme 4. I also couldn't find all of the Find Mii songs. I recommend making a Streetpass Mii Plaza album.


I literally cannot describe how happy I am. I'm on the verge of tears listening to some background 3DS music I haven't heard in about 3-5 years! I'm so glad that someone finally uploaded these! And in good quality, too! Only one piece of feedback from me: you could've added more songs. Thank you for doing this, though!
Hello QueenJazzy, I'm the one who uploaded the soundtracks. I'll explain why I didn't include more tracks.
AR Games and Streetpass Mii Plaza will have a separate album.
Face Raiders and eShop are already uploaded. (Will update them once I get all the tracks.)

Glad you enjoyed the album as much as I did. ^^
It seems as though these are audio line-in recordings.
They aren't, these are recorded in Citra Emulator using the video dump feature and the Audio LLE (multi-core) setting. The reason you hear background noise is probably because the music is not meant to be played at high volume. (I had to increase the volumes of the tracks, they sounded too quiet.)

I really wish someone makes a tool that rips sequence music accurately..

Also, I attempted modding some of the system apps on real 3ds but the system just crashes instead.


There is a tool in the 3ds's SDK called "soundplayer". it can play 3DS sequences, unfortunately,3ds SDKs are hard to find, the only other way to get a good enough rip is by converting the sequence to midi using kr3nshaw's caesar tool and re-creating the effects. This HAS been done before for the Wii music rips uploaded on July 12th, 2020. It's pretty difficult and you'd have to do it for each sequence. this is all the knowledge I have on that, apart from that, an SF format could also be useful, but no such file format has been developed yet.
I did use caesar before.. I didn't like the results, except for Swapnote and eShop, those are the only apps that worked perfectly with it afaik.

I also didn't bother with 3DS SDK because of the reason you mentioned..

If someone can make an even better rip, I would appreciate it.

I guess the current recordings are the closest we can get for high quality ost.