Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Music Super Complete

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Album name: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Music Super Complete
Number of Files: 110
Total Filesize: 158.46 MB
Date added: Nov 24th, 2006

It contains soundtracks in the Pokemon video games at the third generation.


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Song Name Download Size
101 title demo ~departure from houen district~.mp3 Download 758 KB
102 title demo 2 ~double battle~.mp3 Download 425.00 KB
103 title ~main theme~.mp3 Download 2.28 MB
104 opening selection.mp3 Download 1.46 MB
105 mishiro town.mp3 Download 1.73 MB
106 odamaki research institute.mp3 Download 1.05 MB
107 haruka.mp3 Download 1.46 MB
108 help!.mp3 Download 559.70 KB
109 battle! wild pokemon.mp3 Download 1.92 MB
110 wild pokemon defeated!.mp3 Download 497.94 KB
111 route 101.mp3 Download 1.24 MB
112 kotoki town.mp3 Download 1.21 MB
113 pokemon center.mp3 Download 1.40 MB
114 recovery.mp3 Download 93.85 KB
115 look! tanpanko statue.mp3 Download 645.15 KB
116 look! miniskirt.mp3 Download 627.32 KB
117 battle! trainer.mp3 Download 2.92 MB
118 trainer defeated!.mp3 Download 752.78 KB
119 improvement.mp3 Download 77.13 KB
120 touka city.mp3 Download 1.42 MB
121 come along.mp3 Download 929.66 KB
122 route 104.mp3 Download 1.61 MB
123 touka forest.mp3 Download 1.29 MB
124 magma team appears!.mp3 Download 997.30 KB
125 battle! aqua magma team.mp3 Download 3.14 MB
126 aqua magma team defeated!.mp3 Download 624 KB
127 kanazumi city.mp3 Download 2.31 MB
128 trainers school.mp3 Download 1.00 MB
129 crossing the sea.mp3 Download 1.24 MB
130 muro town.mp3 Download 2.31 MB
131 look! a girl.mp3 Download 732.22 KB
132 kaina city.mp3 Download 2.76 MB
133 marine science museum.mp3 Download 1.96 MB
134 route 110.mp3 Download 1.39 MB
135 cycling.mp3 Download 1.78 MB
136 game corner.mp3 Download 2.17 MB
137 hit!.mp3 Download 95.70 KB
138 regret.mp3 Download 83.87 KB
139 bd time.mp3 Download 512.59 KB
140 great success!.mp3 Download 130.05 KB
141 shidake town.mp3 Download 1.44 MB
142 route 113.mp3 Download 2.26 MB
143 my twins.mp3 Download 521.69 KB
144 hajitsuge town.mp3 Download 1.67 MB
145 rope way.mp3 Download 297.59 KB
146 chimney mountain.mp3 Download 2.63 MB
147 look! giant.mp3 Download 728.45 KB
148 route 111.mp3 Download 1.77 MB
149 gym.mp3 Download 1.43 MB
150 battle! gym leader.mp3 Download 2.27 MB
151 gym leader defeated!.mp3 Download 1.46 MB
152 get badge.mp3 Download 171.23 KB
153 get work machine.mp3 Download 111.40 KB
154 surfing.mp3 Download 2.58 MB
201 route 119.mp3 Download 2.29 MB
202 hiwamaki city.mp3 Download 1.13 MB
203 route 120.mp3 Download 2.02 MB
204 interviewer.mp3 Download 626.69 KB
205 safari zone.mp3 Download 1.20 MB
206 look! gentleman.mp3 Download 870.40 KB
207 minamo city.mp3 Download 1.70 MB
208 art museum.mp3 Download 2.25 MB
209 failure.mp3 Download 81.16 KB
210 yuuki.mp3 Download 1.21 MB
211 battle yuuki haruka.mp3 Download 2.18 MB
212 evolution.mp3 Download 689.57 KB
213 congratulations on your evolution.mp3 Download 119.72 KB
214 friendly shop.mp3 Download 1.75 MB
215 okuribi mountain.mp3 Download 2.07 MB
216 look! saikikka.mp3 Download 822.60 KB
217 look! occult maniac.mp3 Download 1.04 MB
218 okuribi mountain outer wall.mp3 Download 2.48 MB
219 hiding place.mp3 Download 1.22 MB
220 get tool.mp3 Download 80.67 KB
221 aqua team appears!.mp3 Download 1.24 MB
222 battle! aqua magma team's leader.mp3 Download 2.80 MB
223 waking up the ancient pokemon.mp3 Download 302.97 KB
224 drought.mp3 Download 1.53 MB
225 heavy rain.mp3 Download 1.02 MB
226 dive.mp3 Download 2.77 MB
227 rune city.mp3 Download 1.89 MB
228 small shrine mezame.mp3 Download 1.65 MB
229 battle! ancient pokemon.mp3 Download 1.83 MB
230 look! bikini sister.mp3 Download 667.56 KB
231 saiyuu city.mp3 Download 2.07 MB
232 get berry.mp3 Download 80.57 KB
233 contest lobby.mp3 Download 1.11 MB
234 contest!.mp3 Download 1.43 MB
235 result announcement.mp3 Download 753.89 KB
236 contest championship.mp3 Download 793.18 KB
237 ohure no sekishitsu.mp3 Download 1.34 MB
238 battle! rejirock - rejiaisu - rejisuchiru.mp3 Download 1.80 MB
239 trick mansion.mp3 Download 1.63 MB
240 suterarebune.mp3 Download 1.42 MB
241 battle tower.mp3 Download 1.55 MB
242 champion road.mp3 Download 1.88 MB
243 look! elite trainer.mp3 Download 1.22 MB
244 big four appears!.mp3 Download 1.22 MB
245 battle! big four.mp3 Download 2.23 MB
246 champion daigo.mp3 Download 1.20 MB
247 decisive battle! daigo.mp3 Download 2.36 MB
248 daigo is defeated!.mp3 Download 1.09 MB
249 glory room.mp3 Download 1.28 MB
250 induction into the hall of fame.mp3 Download 1.51 MB
251 ending.mp3 Download 3.59 MB
252 the end.mp3 Download 2.35 MB
253 trick master.mp3 Download 3.67 MB
254 slateport city.mp3 Download 5.05 MB
255 steven stone.mp3 Download 5.05 MB
Battle vs Mew Download 317.18 KB

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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Nice songs!
I do really like it!
But, where did you find the last four songs at the game?
I never thought there would be such songs like that...

Submitted by NarutoX3
Rating: 5/10

I know it's not officially in this album, but all of the Battle Frontier songs should be on here. D:!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Can someone upload the song that sounds in Faraway Island, please?
I liked that song a lot and I didn't find it on the Internet.

Submitted by orion9277
Rating: 5/10

Can somebody put the song that sounds on Faraway Island?

I like that song but I didn't find it on the internet.


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

I really like it!They had the music that plays when you battle the Regis, that was one of my favorite songs! :D

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

Quite a nice Album... I wish there was a Diamond/Pearl Album... I'd LOVE that.

Anyways, the songs are nice, I wish the names of the towns were in English, I dont know much the Japanese name of them.

Please put D/P Songs!!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

Pretty Good. But can someone do Emerald Exclusive Themes, please? I really love the Battle frontier themes... especially the factory one. :D

Submitted by seanius
Rating: 3/10

Trick house ones weird. Fix that. And the battle V mew has mew's sound and shiny AND SHORT. Fix that.

3 / 10 AND ONLY 3/ 10

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Just so you know, Faraway Island is the same music as Abandoned Ship.

Great songs, by the way. I've been searching everywhere for these, but only found Midis.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

AMAZING!!! Love it! The album is great. It would be even greater if the cities' and people's names were the North American versions!

Submitted by myeghuqhiopiqxefx
Rating: 10/10

I love it! Now I don't have to keep playing the game just to hear the music! Lol.

My fave track on the album is the Pokemon Center. It sounds better than the original (in my opinion) and I love the intruments being used.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I can't find little root town! it's my faveourite song! Other than that, the album is superb because this is the only place i can find mp3s because midis are low quality. Great! :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

love the game and the music...keep it up! Of course, I haven't played the Japanese version so I have no idea what half of this is...

Submitted by davidsato
Rating: 8/10

I love the music in this game, everything just seems to fit together well with the music it's assigned. R/S was the generation of Pokemon I did most of my "growing up" in so to speak, so I'll always hold it and its music in my heart.
Out of curiosity, is there anywhere to download the anime versions of some of the battle themes, the ones that appear in the advance generation? I can't find them on the site unless they're in one of the foreign language albums, but I especially like the anime remixes of these. I'd like all of the other remixes actually, as the only thing I can find are the songs from the original season. But a great set of songs.

Submitted by sofiq1010
Rating: 2/10

yeah, I bet they are great, but, how do I put this.... It won't let me download any!!! I would really like to download these, but there is some kind of error. Somebody Help!!! I love pokemon Saphire and Ruby but, this isn't working!!! Help Me!!! Oh, and Go Mudkip!!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

suterarebune = faraway island
this album is amazing =] its nice and full. it hass all of teh songs and stuffs.

Submitted by DemonLobster
Rating: 10/10

This game has a lot of memories in it for me, and to finally find the MP3 soundtrack is magical. Many thanks to whoever uploaded the tracks for our enjoyment.
One small query - what is the name of the track that plays in Meteor falls?

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

nice.........but how do i get this on my psp? Oh and how do u download it???can somebody please him?:(

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Very good. Good quality sound and just awesome! I would also really like the Emerald game soundtrack too please :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

omg i luv the musics but wish they were english b cuz i cant read english im from puerto rico it is 3/11/10 5'24 pm

Submitted by Guitarist500
Rating: 5/10

Sounds really awesome! too bad Jun'ichi masuda didn't contribute too much other than the battle themes :(

Submitted by tabuu4321
Rating: 8/10

cancel the last review these song are awesome and can you put in some d/p songs pls oh and trick master sounds weird fix it please

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

This is great!! Finally i can listen to the cycling music! Thank you so much!

Submitted by kishikimikia
Rating: 10/10

Thank you for uploading this! ;U; These songs really bring back memories... :'D This is my favorite gen so lkasjdlkl;askd I really love these songs!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Excellent album. And to everyone asking, if you search for the albums by letter, you can find Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

To all who can't download: Rightclick on 'Download to Computer' then 'save as'

Submitted by RianaInuki
Rating: 10/10

** Excellent Quality, All Songs Included **

I'm really thankful for this! I only had bad quality R/S/E music back then, and now I FINALLY found it! This was and still is my favorite game! c:

Submitted by sam03049
Rating: 9/10

the 'suterarebune. mp3' is the Abandoned Ship/Faraway Island theme. Which one is the southern island theme?

Submitted by JK1012
Rating: 5/10

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

To all who can't download: Rightclick on 'Download to Computer' then 'save as'

Thank you so much that really couldn't find out how on earth to download these soundtracks. (P.S. I used to love to play Pokemon when I was younger.

Submitted by Sqwivig
Rating: 9/10

This album is pretty good, but the abandoned ship song is missing, and it would be better if all the names of towns and people were in English.

Submitted by AegisCave
Rating: 10/10

Truly awesome, thank you so, so much!!!
I have been looking everywhere for this!

Submitted by Vyra
Rating: 10/10

Aaaaah thank you so much for this!! :D Pokemon R/S/E FTW.

Submitted by MonkeyGod
Rating: 10/10

Nostalgia while listening to this!! Thank you so much.

Submitted by MonkeyGod
Rating: 10/10

Nostalgia while listening to this!! Thank you so much.

Submitted by AlexDaBoss
Rating: 10/10

This is one of my favorite OSTs ever

Submitted by Ace Trainer Max
Rating: 6/10

Awesome But Where is the Deoxys Battle?

I give this album a rating of
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