Fifa 07 Soundtrack

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Album name: Fifa 07 Soundtrack
Number of Files: 40
Total Filesize: 196.20 MB
Date added: Dec 7th, 2006
Album type: Game

The following Songs are in the same order as in the Game


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Song Name Download Size
01-va_-_angelique_kidjo_-_wele_wele.mp3 Download 2.20 MB
02-va_-_belasco_-_chloroform.mp3 Download 4.97 MB
03-va_-_bersuit_vergarabat_-_o_vas_a_misa___.mp3 Download 5.52 MB
04-va_-_bitman_and_roban_-_get_on_the_floor.mp3 Download 3.98 MB
05-va_-_blasted_mechanism_-_blasted_empire.mp3 Download 5.38 MB
06-va_-_boy_kill_boy_-_civil_sin.mp3 Download 4.40 MB
07-va_-_cabas-_la_cadena_de_oro.mp3 Download 4.98 MB
08-va_-_carlos_jean_-_get_down.mp3 Download 5.36 MB
09-va_-_d.o.c.h._-_was_in_der_zertung_steht.mp3 Download 4.59 MB
10-va_-_elefant_-_uh-oh_hello.mp3 Download 5.21 MB
11-va_-_epik_high_-_fly.mp3 Download 2.84 MB
12-va_-_fertig_los_-_sie_ist_in_mich_verliebt.mp3 Download 4.64 MB
13-va_-_infadels_-_cant_get_enough_mekon_remix.mp3 Download 5.13 MB
14-va_-_keane_-_nothing_in_my_way.mp3 Download 3.97 MB
15-va_-_malibu_stacy_-_los_angeles.mp3 Download 5.27 MB
16-va_-_mellowdrone_-_oh_my.mp3 Download 6.06 MB
17-va_-_mobile_-_new_york_minute.mp3 Download 4.64 MB
18-va_-_morning_runner_-_gone_up_in_flames.mp3 Download 5.11 MB
19-va_-_muse_-_supermassive_black_hole.mp3 Download 4.39 MB
20-va_-_nightmare_of_you_-_dear_scene_i_wish_i_were_deaf.mp3 Download 7.86 MB
21-va_-_outlandish_-_kom_igen.mp3 Download 4.74 MB
22-va_-_paul_oakenfold_-_beatiful_goal.mp3 Download 5.48 MB
23-va_-_persephones_bees_-_muzika_dlya_filma.mp3 Download 4.64 MB
24-va_-_plastilina_mosh_-_peligroso_pop.mp3 Download 4.75 MB
25-va_-_polysics_-_tei_tei_tei.mp3 Download 4.93 MB
26-va_-_ralph_myerz_and_the_jack_herren_band_-_deepest_red.mp3 Download 4.65 MB
27-va_-_seu_jorge_-_tive_razao.mp3 Download 7.76 MB
28-va_-_shiny_toy_guns_-_you_are_the_one.mp3 Download 5.05 MB
29-va_-_stijn_-_gasoline_and_matches.mp3 Download 4.78 MB
30-va_-_suferosa_-_royal_uniform.mp3 Download 3.55 MB
31-va_-_tahiti_80_-_big_day.mp3 Download 4.47 MB
32-va_-_the_feeling_-_sewn.mp3 Download 6.22 MB
33-va_-_the_pinker_tones_-_tmcr_grand_finale.mp3 Download 5.03 MB
34-va_-_the_prototypes_-_kaleidoscope.mp3 Download 5.76 MB
35-va_-_the_sheer_-_understand.mp3 Download 4.46 MB
36-va_-_the_young_punx_-_youve_got_to__.mp3 Download 6.75 MB
37-va_-_tigarah_-_girl_fight.mp3 Download 2.63 MB
38-va_-_trash_inc.-_punk_rock_chick.mp3 Download 3.00 MB
39-va_-_us3_-_kick_this.mp3 Download 5.96 MB
40-va_-_young_love_-_discotech.mp3 Download 4.77 MB

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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

great ....its just great excellent.....dis album covers it all i really love it...this is appreciate able... good quality.... u must kip this work up....its like a drem come true ....ive bin looking for these songs since last 6 months n never found em in any shop ...n ur site has em all good

Submitted by Nilsus
Rating: 6/10

Sorry guys but the musics seem to be mixed up. For example: Music Nr. 37 By tigarah it´s a song in dutch. But its all good

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Which is the New York Minute by Mobile song ????? Its not correct. All the other songs are great and what about Fifa 08 soundtracks ?????

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Thank you for your Effort to collect all these Magnificent FIFA tracks
I adore these tracks Especially (Tegarah)(la cadena De oro) and (Wele wele)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

thank you for your effort to collect all these FIFA magnificent tracks
I loved them all especially (Tegarah) , (La Cadena de Oro) and (Wele wele)

Submitted by tsontsolmaa
Rating: 5/10

FIFA 07 soundtrack has good upbeats, I played the game and found the soundtrack is more attractive than the game itself, it has a good collection.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

I love these songs but when I click on one song it takes me to another so I don't know which is which

Great tracks though!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

yes guys and girls u r right
my name is Ateeq the songs are mixed up i cant find the young punx u hve got to help me to find that song

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

yeah guys and girls thesse songs are mixed up but there will be a player to play these songs so that we can choose our choice songs bcoz the songs are mixed means album name and songs name are not correct

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

i have a TRICK for u TO DOWNLOAD THE SONGS CORRECTLY.Use ur common sensee click on the serial no of song not see the song name not on the song name if u want song
"young punx"song"YOU HVE GOT TO" YOU CLICK ON THE #40 SONG not see the name.u will got ur song.if u want song "SHINY TOY GUN"SONG"YOU ARE THE ONE"click
#39 and download ur song means not see the name if u want song "you are the one"u just click on that"39-va_-_us3_-_kick_this.mp3"just use ur common sense

Ateeq Undertaker
Gujranwala Pakistan

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Probably the best place to be in, when you want the music...this is THE site! Thanx, Khinsider, for those lovely 40!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

what song is it that goes "don't try to hasle me like a chimpanze i've been payed to play and i'm goog at my work so lets go toe to toe"

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

sou do brasil mas este site e muito maneiro obrigadooo by:brasil

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

how to replace these songs with another songs.......... .!!!!



Submitted by DESDES
Rating: 5/10

what a wonderful songs . really i love them . I gave them to a friend

Submitted by ahmedkhalil
Rating: 10/10


thanxxxxxxxx !!

Submitted by swapnil darmora
Rating: 7/10

songs are really good after so many years got this playlist however songs are mixed

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