Zoobles! Spring to Life! (2011) (NDS) (gamerip)


This game was my childhood!
After years I can finally remember my memories of listening to the OST of this forgotten DS game...


@TCDoraemon I just realized you're the user who uploaded the complete soundtrack of this on Youtube when I was trying to find a longplay of this game.

Going to list down the title of the tracks here from your video's description:
  • Unused Title Screen Theme/Trailer Theme - Sq BGM Title
  • Menu - Sq BGM Menu
  • Ending(?) - Sq BGM Ending (If this is the ending's theme, did this game had an option to view the credits and this theme would play?)
  • Petagonia - Sq BGM Stg Petag
  • Chillville - Sq BGM Stg Chill
  • Azoozia - Sq BGM Stg Azoo
  • Petalpoint - Sq BGM Stg Ppoint
  • Pinegrove/Title Screen - Sq BGM Stg Pineg
  • Jungleopolis - Sq BGM Stg Jungle
  • Happitat - Sq BGM Evnt Slow
  • Activity - Sq BGM Event Mid
  • Unknown Track 1 - Sq BGM Event Fast (Maybe a Minigame theme?)
  • Party Theme 1 - Sq BGM Dance 01
  • Party Theme 2 - Sq BGM Dance 02
  • Party Theme 3 - Sq BGM Dance 03
  • Present - Sq Jng Present
  • Awake - Sq Jng Awake
  • Sleep - Sq Jng Sleep
  • Congratulations! - Sq Jng Unlock
  • Accessory - Sq Jng Unlock Itm
  • Perfect - Sq Jng Perfect
  • World Completed! - Sq Jng Full
  • Next Accessory - Sq Jng Next
  • Unknown Track 2 - Sq BGM Evnt Slow New (An unused alternate version of the Happitat theme?)