Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (X68000) (gamerip) (1990)

So, the Ys albums are infamous for having great music and this album is no exception. The instrumentation is full and varied, the songs progress nicely, and the album overall just has a save-the-world vibe that communicates an urgency to what you're doing, all the while rocking out in the meantime. Sound-quality wise, I'd put this up there with Warn-torn Versnag and this may very well be the best album on the X68000, at least that's uploaded on khinsider (The original soundtrack for Ys II on the X68000, if uploaded, would probably surpass this though). Also nice is that if you like any individual track, there's a bunch of variant albums. Take for instance, the album on this website "MUSIC FROM Ys III WANDERERS FROM Ys" for the PC-88/98. The track Behold!! (there #23) just sounds a lot better in my opinion than it does here. Albeit, Welcome!! sounds better, I think, on the X68000. But I digress, overall, 10/10 for what it is.

All the tracks are great, of course, but:
Personal Favorites: Welcome!!, The Boy's Got Wings, Be Careful, Ilberns Ruins, Snare of Darkness, Varestain Castle (wait for that bridge at 1:10), Behold!!, Believe in My Heart